6 Marvel/DC Crossovers I Want to Read

Longtime comic book artist George Perez announced his retirement the other day, and it got me thinking about Marvel and DC crossovers. Perez is a legend in the industry, and he single-handedly drew every issue of the JLA/Avengers crossover a few years ago, in which Perez drew pretty much every superhero who had ever been a member of either team. The man was prolific and awesome.

perez crossover list 01

Needs more Darkclaw

Marvel and DC have had a bunch of crossovers over the years, and I’ve read my fair share. I was big into Marvel vs. DC back in the 90s, especially the Amalgam Comics crossover that resulted. There are also plenty of stand alone crossovers, like that one story where Batman and Captain America team up in the 1940s, or the Silver Surfer meets Kyle Rayner comic from back in the day, or the X-Men meet the Teen Titans. There’s plenty of crossovers, and I’ve got some of my own I’d like to see!

Join me after the jump for six Marvel/DC crossovers that would make for some pretty fun comics.

6. Green Lantern Corps vs. Galactus

perez crossover list 02b

Take DC’s biggest space property and pit them against Marvel’s biggest space property and lets see what happens! Does Galactus fall under the jurisdiction of the Guardians of the Universe? He would have been there before even those little dudes. Galactus is a grand cosmic entity, not some space jockey criminal to get arrested! But would Hal Jordan or Guy Gardner back down from taking on the Devourer of Worlds? Heck no! So let’s see it happen!

5. Avengers vs. Legion of Doom

perez crossover list 03a

As a quality superhero team, the Avengers are always looking for somebody to punch. But when it comes to super-villain teams, the best they’ve got are the Masters of Evil, who aren’t much of a team, if you ask me. So let’s pit the Avengers vs. a quality super-villain team in the Legion of Doom! Captain America vs. Lex Luthor! Giant Man vs. Giganta! Iron Man vs. Gorilla Grodd! Thor vs. Toyman! Black Panther vs. the Joker! Black Widow vs. Solomon Grundy! Some of those make sense, surely!

4. Lex Luthor vs. the Fantastic Four

perez crossover list 04b

Lex Luthor vs. Reed Richards! Brains against brains! The family dynamic of the Four vs. Luthor’s rigid, individual narcissism. Thing vs. Bizarro Thing! There could be a ton of dynamics pitting Superman’s greatest villain against Marvel’s First Family. The Fantastic Four are used to taking on a crazy, high profile ruler, but I think Luthor would bring a few interesting dynamics to their encounter.

3. Stilt-Man in the Suicide Squad

perez crossover list 05a

The Suicide Squad are the worst of the worst of DC villains, forced to work for the government to pay off their prison sentences. They’re also mostly street level villains — which is perfect for Stilt-Man! He’s as street-level villain as they come (well, except for the part where he’s several stories above the street! Zing!), so I think he’d be fun to toss into their wild and crazy Task Force X shenanigans.

No wait, I change my mind. Just make it Stilt-Man vs. Kite Man! Hell yeah!

2. Hulk on Apokolips

perez crossover list 06a

Remember Planet Hulk? When the Jade Giant was thrown into a strange, alien gladiatorial arena? How about we do that all over again, but throw him onto Apokolips instead! Let Ol’ Jade Jaws go riot on Darkseid’s forces, fighting entire armies of Parademons, battling the Female Furies and then taking on Darkseid himself! Put him through some Granny Goodness torture. Have him fight those giant dogs all by himself. Apokolips is the perfect setting to let the Hulk go full-on nuts!

1. X-Men vs. the Justice League

perez crossover list 07b

This is the big one that we all want to see! The varied and weird mutations of the X-Men vs. the tried and true superheroics of the Justice League! I don’t know why they’d fight, but I’m sure we can come up with something. Maybe the Justice League want to arrest Magneto or Quentin Quire, and the X-Men step up to save their fellow mutant. You can have Husk turn into Kryptonite to take out Superman, and then you’ve got a good fight on your hands! Or any of the telepaths, really. Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine! Batman vs. Gambit! Cyclops vs. Hawkman! The telepaths vs. anybody! Maggott vs. the Wonder Twins! This would be the time to really let the creativity fly!


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