Leah Williams Might Be Writing the Blob Comic I Didn’t Know I Wanted

I’m not super familiar with the work of comic writer Leah Williams. But it looks like she might be writing the Blob comic I didn’t know I wanted. The Blob is one of my all-time favorite comic book villains, and definitely my favorite out of all of the X-villains. Heck, I even cosplayed as the Blob to a comic book convention. So you know I’m a fan.

No, pictures aren’t available.

Williams is writing the Age of X-Man comic The X-Tremists, about a paramilitary crew running black ops in the Age of X-Man. Blob is on the team.

blob xtremist 01

That mustache though…

That alone makes The X-Tremists the one Age of X-Man comic I’m really looking forward to. Most of my favorite comic book characters are either dead or not involved in the event, so Blob (and Iceman) make X-Tremists the one for me.

Then we saw the cover of the second issue, revealing a secret relationship between Blob and Psylocke.

blob xtremist 02

The Blob in the age of anti-fat-shaming.

Williams, being apparently an extremely fun person, started up a poll on Twitter to come up with a relationship name for Blob and Psylocke, indicating that she’s got fun plans for the Blob.

Now, my only real experience with a Leah Williams comic was a short bit she did for the Domino Annual in which a bunch of weird-looking mutants held a support group — which I loved. And now she’s apparently got adorable, romantic plans for the Blob.

So be prepared for me to cover the Age of X-Man entirely through the lens of Leah Williams’ writing the Blob.


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  1. Leah Williams has quickly become a must-read writer. Obviously, there was the RejeX story in the Domino Annual. But she also did the X-Men Black: Emma Frost one-shot, and the What If: Magik one-shot, both of which were among the best single issue Marvel comics of 2018. So many feels. Really good humour, too – the Magik one was full of hilarious jokes – but what makes her so good is how heartfelt her work is. Which is why X-Tremists looks so promising. She’s writing a fat-positive take on Blob, in a genre which generally treats obesity as a character defect, a joke at best and a sign of evil at worst.

    If the X-office has any sense at all, they’ll be giving her an ongoing X-team title after Age of X-Man. She deserves to be the future of the line.

    As an aside, I’ll be picking up X-Tremists, Nightcrawler (written by Seanan McGuire), Prisoner X (written by Vita Ayala), and Next Gen (I forget the writer, I’m buying it to show support for the X-kids).

    • I’m disappointed that Kelly Thompson isn’t getting the reigns of Uncanny X-Men once the 3-person writing committee is finished. A Thompson/Williams X-Men brand sounds good to me!

      • Kelly Thompson would’ve killed it as the main UXM writer. Sadly, I won’t be collecting UXM, because I have a grudge against Rosenberg for his handling of Karma in Dead Souls. (He stole her story from her and then made her a horrible murderer! She deserved better!)

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