6 Things I Want to See in the Game of Thrones Finale

The final season of Game of Thrones will be upon us in April. I’m a big fan of the show, just like everybody else in the world. And I have no idea how it’s going to end. I don’t even have any solid theories or guesses. I got no clue how it’s all going to turn out for real.

So let’s have some fun making stuff up!

got finale list 01

Only a couple months away!

Honestly, I’m just gonna rattle off a bunch of silly and overly cheerful wish-fulfillment stuff for the finale of Game of Thrones. Maybe I’ll hit upon some truths here or there, but most likely I’ll just be whistling Dixie, and where’s the harm in that? This is a week for silly fun! So join me after the jump for what I hope to see for the future of Westeros. We’ll most likely get something far more tragic.

Please feel free to share your own hopes, dreams and fears for the end of Game of Thrones in the comments!

Honorable Mention: CLEGANEBOWL!

got finale list 02

He just wants to live

The fateful battle between the Hound and the Mountain is only an honorable mention because it’s probably going to happen, and because the hype for CLEGANEBOWL is intense. We all want to see it. The show would be silly not to have it. So let’s just put it out there and move on with the list. I predict the Hound will kill the Mountain and then probably die later on. The Hound has to win, but I doubt he’ll survive the series.

6. Daenerys on the Iron Throne, with Drogon

got finale list 03

Stone throne is not good enough

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think I’d be OK with Daenerys Stormborn atop the Iron Throne. She’s come all this way and done so much, I would be totally happy with her as the ruler of Westeros by the end, especially if she used her connections to also control Essos. She’ll unite the entire world! And hopefully she’ll be a fair and just ruler. And she’ll have Drogon at her side. Not all of the dragons need to die by the end. Rhaegal will probably die, because you’ve got to sacrifice at least one dragon, and I want to see Dany’s favorite dragon live and rule by her side.

For her court, I want to see Missandei as the Hand of the Queen and Yara as commander of her navies. I’ve got a soft spot for Yara Greyjoy and I hope she makes it through to the end, and stays close with Dany.

Dany will not have a king, but instead a succession of lovers. Her and Jon Snow will still have a little thing, add in a couple others like that one dude she left in Essos, and occasionally Yara. So Dany will have no heirs, and when she eventually passes away, Westeros will have a democracy! Sure, why not.

5. Arya as her badass assassin

got finale list 04

Not masked enough to be Batman

I want Arya to be Dany’s secret assassin and just stick around as another one of the most badass women in the world. Usually when you’ve got a character like this, a mysterious assassin, they end the story by simply fading into the shadows and never being heard from again. But I don’t want that to happen. There’s no reason for Arya to fade into the shadows and disappear from the world. Keep her around as a badass assassin who goes where she wants and does what she wants. Maybe she returns to Essos to complete her training with the Faceless Men, or maybe she just forges her own killer legacy. And she’ll keep Gendry around as a play thing whenever she feels like it. No settling down for Arya!

4. Samwell Tarly as Grand Maester, with big, happy family

got finale list 05

Let them stay like this forever!

I want nothing but great things for Samwell Tarly, Gilly and their family. They’ve got that first kid, sure, but how about a bunch more? And Sam can complete his Maester training and be Dany’s Maester, and Sam and Gilly will have a big, happy, rich family with no strife and nothing to worry about.

3. Lyanna Mormont as Warden of the North

got finale list 06

Queen in the North!

Lyanna Mormont is one of the best characters in Game of Thrones and I will hear nothing to the contrary. Yes, I am easily amused. It’s a good life. A show like GoT needs some levity, and the addition of a total badass 9-year-old warrior queen is absolutely perfect. The actress is great in the role and I hope she’s having a lot of fun on set. That being said, I want her to take on an even larger role in the end game. Lyanna Mormont should be declared the Warden of the North under Dany, with more prominence for Bear Island. It’ll help that her cousin Jorah will be welcomed back to Bear Island to help out as an adviser.

Granted, considering she’s on an island, there are some geographical difficulties to have a Mormont as Warden of the North, but I don’t care. Lyanna for Warden!

So what becomes of Sansa Stark at Winterfell? I dunno, nothing major. Sansa will not want any of that royal stuff, so she stays as simple leader at Winterfell and keeps it largely out of politics. Just a nice, friendly, allied city doing its best to recover from White Walker attacks.

2. Jaime kills Cersei and fakes his death

got finale list 07

True love

What do we do with the Lannisters? Cersei obviously has to die, and it should be by Jaime’s hand. I don’t know all there is to know about that prophecy thing, but it would make the most dramatic sense to have Jaime kill Cersei and put an end to her reign of terror. But rather than live on as a double Kingslayer and sister-lover, Jaime will fake his death and go off to live on a farm with Brienne! Perhaps they return to Tarth and live out their days in happiness and comfort.

And Tyrion’s gonna die.

Look, none of us want that to happen. But Game of Thrones is notorious for killing our favorites, and therefore we’ve all known that Tyrion would have to die eventually. He’s too beloved. So I’ve made my peace with him dying. I’ll be OK. We’ll be OK.

1. Jon Snow as leader of a reformed Night’s Watch

got finale list 08

I don’t care about Bran

So what do we do with Jon Snow? I doubt he has any interest sitting on the Iron Throne. And once he and Dany find out that they’re aunt and nephew, they’re probably not going to get married (though that might not stop them from boning). And surely Jon has no interest in running Winterfell, not when Sansa’s got that covered. So I say Jon Snow returns to Castle Black to take control of the Night’s Watch, and he reforms it into something greater. Why does the Night’s Watch have to be some prison sentence? Why does it have so many rules? Why not make it a friendlier, more welcoming organization? Let the members marry and have sex. Make the service temporary. Maybe every soldier in the entire kingdom has to spend some time on the Wall, and then they get to go back to their homes. If he’s got Dany’s favor, use that power to turn the Night’s Watch into something awesome. They can explore beyond the Wall, learn more about the dangers that still exist. Make friends with giants again.

Jon Snow can be the greatest Night’s Watch commander of all time, turning it into a really extraordinary organization. That’s what I want!

But in reality, probably everybody’s gonna die.


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