Multiple Man Isn’t Really Back

I’ve said this several times on this blog: Multiple Man is my all-time favorite comic book character. And I should be thrilled that he’s back in action. Not only did he have a recent Multiple Man comic all to himself, but he’s in the current Uncanny X-Men storyline.

But here’s the thing: this isn’t really Multiple Man.

The current creators working on the X-Men found a workaround to put a simulacrum in place. And based on this week’s new issue of Uncanny X-Men, they can’t even get that right.

madrox not back 04

Help him, Apocalypse!

Quick recap: Jamie Madrox died several years ago during the M-Pox storyline, killed by the Inhuman Terrigen Mists. In the recent Multiple Man comic, it was revealed that one of his duplicates had gone into hiding years ago, working on a serum to separate duplicates from Madrox’s umbrella. Then through a series of time traveling hijinks, all of the various Multiple Man duplicates died…except for one. And he took the serum, which somehow granted him the crown of “Jamie Prime”.

For some reason, only Jamie Prime can make duplicates now. Those duplicates can no longer produce their own duplicates.

madrox not back 01

C’mon Nate, surely you’re aware of my brand new status quo change!

That’s not how Multiple Man’s powers work. So either the current creators don’t know that or it’s a change brought about by this false duplicate “rebirth”. I’ve read everything that the new Madrox has appeared in so far and the change in his powers has never been mentioned, so…

But yeah, his powers are different now, reinforcing the fact that this isn’t really Multiple Man back from the dead. It’s a weird, mutated duplicate simply living as Jamie Madrox.

That stinks.

To make matters even worse, the current creators don’t seem to understand the character at all. They seem really into the idea that Jamie Madrox is an incompetent coward.

madrox not back 02

And an alcoholic, apparently

Like, it’s mentioned twice in the new Uncanny X-Men #9.

madrox not back 03

Now they’re just being mean

Where is this coming from? And from Kitty and Storm of all people? Did nobody read the 100+ issue X-Factor series? Jamie Madrox was a team leader, and was a prominent X-Men supporting character for years. He’s never been a coward and he’s never been incompetent. Those aren’t his character traits.

It doesn’t matter in the long run. This is just one guy whining on his blog, and that’s really all I’m doing, whining. I get that. But it’s my blog, it’s my favorite comic book character, and I felt like whining about it. So take all of this with a grain of salt.

Comic books move ever onward. Someday the real Multiple Man will come back from the dead. Cyclops died in the exact same way in the exact same story, and he’s coming back. I’m sure Multiple Man will be back too, eventually.

I’m just gonna be really dorky about it until then.


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m still of the mind that the one that dies of the M-pox still wasn’t the real Jamie and the For sure, real deal Jamie Prime is with Layla and raising their child.
    also I think Rosenburg hate writes all the Madrox parts. I wonder of there is beef between him and Peter David

    • I’m willing to entertain the idea that the real Jamie Prime is off with Layla somewhere. That would definitely be an easy way to bring him back without needing some kind of resurrection.

      And I just don’t know what Rosenberg sees in the character. He’s said in interviews that he really enjoys writing Jamie. And it was his idea to bring Jamie back. But his perception of the character and mine are vastly different. It’s not like Multiple Man has decades worth of different interpretations to him. One writer wrote him almost exclusively, in some pretty clearly defined comics.

  2. I don’t blame you a bit. I really don’t like this series, and I wish Kelly Thompson weren’t part of it, because it’s not doing her many favors.

    And wasn’t it really weird that there was NO reaction to Nate killing the dupe in horrific fashion? I know the X-Men have seen everything, and Nate has already killed a lot, and the dupe’s death has no real impact, I guess, but…dude! He’s a person, murdered in front of you, and you say nothing?

    • Right? But I guess seeing all those dead dupes at the end of Multiple Man really numbed everybody from caring. And I totally agree with you on Kelly Thompson. I can’t even really tell that she’s a part of this.

  3. Yo! I love Jamie Madrox too! I literally just finished reading Multiple Man Issues 1-5 and was confused about the ending. So I did some Googling and Redditing and came across your blog post. Jamie isn’t my favorite comic book character but he’s definitely my 2nd favorite X-Men character (after Scott Summers). Regardless, the fact that Jamie Prime is still “dead” and they have this lame dupe who can’t even self-duplicate is super lame. I’m really hoping someone at Marvel who cares about the character fixes this and brings the real Jamie back. Hell, they even disrespected his wife, Layla Miller, and thier kid in that solo run. SMH.

    • Glad to hear my blog is searchable online! I can never really tell. But yeah, such is my disappointment as well. We’ve just got to give it some time and the real Madrox Prime will be back someday.

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