The First Captain Marvel Trailer is Damn Cool!

At long last, our first proper look at the upcoming Captain Marvel movie is here, and it looks pretty awesome! It’s more of a teaser trailer than anything else, but the characters are established and the special effects look slick!

This is a good teaser trailer, as far as I’m concerned. Captain Marvel the character looks great in action, and the special effects of her powers look awesome, and the young Nick Fury totally plays. Here’s hoping for the best!

Also, how weird must it be for the general public that Marvel Studios is making a movie about a character named “Captain Marvel”? Obviously, comic nerds like we know the character’s long history, but the average movie goer who just enjoys the movies? “Marvel” itself is a recognizable name brand at this point. Do they think she was named after the movie studio?

Captain Marvel comes out on March 8.


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  1. Is Captain Marvel not named after Marvel Comics, the namesake of Marvel Studios?

    • Yes, sort of, in a round-about way. I just think it would be weird for the general public that Marvel Studios would seemingly name a superhero after themselves. Like if Disney introduced a hip new Disney Princess and named her “Disney”, even though the character had no ties to the brand or the family, that was just her name.

      In comic book history, the name “Captain Marvel” was originally created by Fawcett Comics way back in the 1940s and 50s. You may know him nowadays as Shazam, and he has his own movie coming out soon. Anyway, Fawcett eventually let the copyright to the name ‘Captain Marvel’ lapse, and Timely Comics, which had since switched its name to “Marvel Comics”, swooped in and started publishing their own character named “Captain Marvel” to secure the name for themselves. DC Comics eventually bought out Fawcett and took possession of the original Captain Marvel, and various legal battles later, and now the character is called “Shazam” while Marvel gets to keep their “Captain Marvel” name.

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