6 Best Superheroes With Portal Powers

Now we’re thinking with portals! One of my absolute favorite comic book villains is often mocked to no end for being one of the lamer bad guys, despite the fact that he has one of the coolest powers in all of comics. We’ll get to him further down on this list, but it’s always grinded my gears that he gets mocked when his powers are legit amazing.

So I’ve put together this list of awesome characters with the same power to prove how cool it is!

Portal Powers List 01

Think like this!

That power is teleportation via portals. Have you ever played the video game Portal? How much fun is that game? You rend the fabric of space to create a hole and then pass through to an adjoining hole. It’s super neat! And it’s super fun! And there’s a bunch of superheroes and villains with the power.

Join me after the jump as I prove to you with solid evidence that portal powers are the best!

6. Blink

Portal Powers LIst 02

Just keep throwing tiny pink daggers at them!

Blink has a long and weird history that would take too long to really dive into. Basically, the Blink we all know and love in comics is an alternate reality version of Blink who simply became more popular and was far more interesting than her regular Marvel Comics version. Not only does Blink teleport via portals, but she creates those portals via energy javelins that she can throw at objects. So she’s got doubly cool teleportation abilities!

5. Gates

Portal Powers List 03

Hideous bugs can be superheroes too!

Gates is a weird flying bug alien who uses portals as a member of the Legion of Superheroes. Gates is one of the few non-humanoid members of the team, because certain planets in outer space make people, and certain planets make strange alien monsters. Gates was drafted by his planet to serve in the Legion, making him the only non-voluntary member. Gotta put those powers to good use, bug boy!

4. Sideways

Portal Powers List 04

Too kewl for schewl

Sideways is a brand new superhero at DC Comics, an effort to create a hip new young hero, as written by middle-aged men. He creates portals that cut through dimensions, and he wanted to use this power to become a viral YouTube star. Except that he named himself ‘Sideways’ because he steps through the portals sideways. I read the first issue of his new comic and wasn’t sure why he couldn’t step through the portals normally, thereby rendering his name completely stupid.

3. Voyd

Portal Powers List 05

Worth the price of Incredibles 2 alone

Voyd was the real inspiration for this list after I saw her in the new movie Incredibles 2. There I am, watching this nostalgic superhero movie, and all of a sudden a character with portal powers shows up to play a pretty major role! Voyd is a brand new female superhero, inspired by Elastigirl to use her powers for good! And she’s proof that portal powers are great in any medium!

2. Warp

Portal Powers List 06

Only worthwhile picture of him on the Internet

Warp is a Teen Titans villain and a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, which is led by a brain in a jar who is in love with a sentient gorilla soldier. Because comics are weird. There’s nothing particularly interesting about Warp, who has been around since 1981. Yet in all that time, he’s never been more than just some background villain that DC uses in group shots. He’s French, though, so maybe that counts for something.

1. The Spot

Portal Powers List 07

Take that, you Spider-Menace!

Here he is, the most disrespected awesome super-villain in comics! Just because he’s covered in polka dots, and just because he was kind of a dorky nerd, the Spot never got any respect back when he started messing with Spider-Man. This dude was on the Legion of Losers! But the Spot is hella fine for all the reasons listed in this article. His power is cool as heck, and thanks to some current Marvel writers, he’s been revamped into more of a tricky and menacing dude. He’s more hardcore these days, and sometimes they have him wearing black pants instead of just being all polka dotted. That’s not very cool. But the point remains, the Spot is awesome and his powers are awesome!


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  1. Hmmm… missing someone.
    *Puts Chell as number one*
    Ahhh. *Wipes away tear* It is complete.

  2. Spot is an AWESOME character. He is one of my favourite Spider-Man foes. I do think he is too OP though ⚫

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