My 6 Favorite Comic Book Romances (At the Moment)

Happy Valentine’s Day! And what better way to celebrate this holiday/List of Six timing coincidence than talking about romance in comic books! Romance has been at the heart of a lot of our favorite superheroes. Is anything more solid than the love of Superman and Lois Lane? It’s part of the lexicon!

VDay Romance List 01


And while Clark and Lois are still going strong, there’s a wide variety of romances throughout all of comics these days. So in honor of this lovey dovey holiday, I thought I’d share with you my favorite romances in comics! Not my favorite romances of all time, but my favorites that exist now, at this point in time. Romance is always changing, but these are really good!

Please share your own favorite comic book romances — current or of all time — in the comments!

6. Marko and Alana

VDay Romance List 02

Doesn’t matter

The star couple of the wonderful Saga comic remain a much beloved part of my comic reading experience. They’re both equally strong characters, but their love and marriage make them even stronger together. And you’re not going to find a stronger parent/child relationship in comics than with this duo and the wonderful Hazel. I only wish Saga would hurry up and get along with their story. The series has been lost in the woods for awhile, at least in my opinion.

5. Karolina Dean and Julie Power

VDay Romance List 03

I’m totally hoping for a Power Pack crossover on TV

This couple hasn’t seen much print, but I love them anyway. And I can’t wait for writer Rainbow Rowell to bring Julie Power into her excellent Runaways comic soon! I just like the idea that two very different characters with very different origins in very different places of the Marvel Universe were brought together into something cute and romantic. Hopefully Rowell doesn’t break them up!

4. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

VDay Romance List 04

Mostly romantic!

DC Comics has gone far enough to say that Harley and Ivy are indeed girlfriends, they just don’t practice monogamy or have plans to settle down. That’s good enough for me! Their playful love/lust/companionship was the highlight of the already excellent Harley Quinn comic by Amanda Palmer and Jimmy Palmiotti. They are great together, have been since their animated partnership debut. I think the comics should stop tiptoeing around the tulips and just make the two of them a confirmed couple already — though that would run in opposition to my theories on the loneliness at the heart of Harley Quinn’s character.

3. Mister Miracle and Big Barda

VDay Romance List 05

Totally romantic

I can honestly say I never much cared for Mister Miracle, Big Barda or their relationship before writer Tom King got his hands on them. I’ve just never cared about the whole New Gods to begin with. But King’s trippy series has won me over, and these two are fabulous together. Their relationship is so real and yet so weird at the same time, and King hasn’t even begun to reveal everything going on below the surface. I’m excited to see where this kooky couple is going!

2. Batman and Catwoman

VDay Romance List 06

A very rooftop kiss

Who knew Batman could ever get married? Or that he’d propose to Catwoman? The two of them have been playing cat and mouse for decades, and it’s always been fun. But under writer Tom King, Batman has legit asked for Catwoman’s hand in marriage, and the two of them are awesome together! King is exploring these characters in ways not often seen, making them supremely likable, while still putting them on the same sorts of Batman/Catwoman adventures as always. I am loving the two of them right now.

1. Spider-Woman and Porcupine

VDay Romance List 07

What a lovely family!

They may not be in print anymore, and for all I know, Marvel may have already stealth destroyed this relationship, but Dennis Hopeless’ slow-burning friendship-turned-romance in the pages of Spider-Woman was the very definition of how character drama should be done. Spider-Woman is the former Avenger turned private investigator who wants a street-level life, along with a new son. Porcupine is one of those street-level loser villains who get his butt whooped by Spider-Woman, only to be dragged into her latest case. She helped him turn over a new leaf and he helped her juggle a newborn baby alongside superheroics. He was in love with her from Day 1 but didn’t dare say anything to rock the boat. She didn’t see it, but when his life was in danger, everything hit her like a ton of bricks. They were awesome together, and because of Spider-Woman‘s low key status as a comic, Hopeless was able to actually put in the work to make their pairing meaningful.

I hope beyond all hope — even if it is hopeless — that Marvel allows these two to still be a thing. Pun intended.


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  1. Angela and Sera’s up there as one of my favourites. Any couple that literally conquers Hel, just so they can be together, is a pretty great couple. (Also, they’re just so damn sweet together.)

    Ban and Nate, in Generation X, spent that book’s entire run KILLING ME, so I am very happy to see them together. Also, Strain made me really enjoy the Jubilee/Chamber ship. (And she didn’t get to spend any time on it, but she did confirm on Twitter that Bling! and Mercury are still together.)

    I grew up on ’90s X-Men comics, so I obviously think Scott and Jean were a great couple, even if I think it’s a relationship that should be allowed to remain ended.

    Speaking of X-Men, Logan’s best love interest was Mariko. Hands down. She was his true love.

    And sticking to X-Men: It never went as far as I would’ve liked, but Marrow and Cannonball had a fun little flirtatious thing, at one point, and I would’ve enjoyed seeing that developed more. That ship’s sailed, alas.

    I’ve read plenty of romance comics, and the ones I’ve read have all been enjoyable. This week saw the release of Bingo Love, which was really good.

    I could also talk about some of the relationships in The Wicked + The Divine, but they’re almost all tragic in some fashion.

    • Oh man! I was also around for that very brief moment where Cannonball and Marrow were flirting! I loved that little ‘ship and was super disappointed when Cannonball went off to rejoin X-Force. Those two would have been so much fun!

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