Apparently James Franco is Going to Make a Multiple Man Movie

I’m not sure where this is suddenly coming from, but I guess James Franco is going to make a Multiple Man movie?! This is according to an article from Deadline Hollywood today. Seems kind of insanely random, but as a huge Multiple Man fan, I’ll take it!

39th Annual Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards - Arrivals

On the one hand, Fox Studios has been making some incredible Deadpool movies. On the other hand, their Gambit film has been stuck in development hell for years at this point. So I don’t know if I should be getting my hopes up or if I should just accept all of this with a grain of salt and an open mind.

I am totally cool with James Franco starring as Jamie Madrox. I’m terrible at casting, so I don’t have any actors I’d prefer. At least with Franco, you know you’re going to get something interesting and worthwhile. So this could be pretty neat!

I’ll forgive a lot as long as it means we get an actual Multiple Man movie.

And I would totally be down with Seth Rogen as Strong Guy!


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  1. Seth Rogen as Strong Guy? That’s going a bit far for me.

  2. They are struggling to make a movie of Gamibt, a chracter far more popular than the Multiple Man; so I’ll believe in this movie once I see the trailer XD

    • Oh absolutely! So many of these movies get announced that I don’t have much faith. Heck, I still don’t really believe that the Venom movie is going to happen, and they claim they’re currently filming! But yeah, when it comes to Multiple Man, I’m just going to get my hopes waaaay up, but won’t really believe it’s happening until we see real proof.

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