6 Locations for Future Rockstar Games

The Red Dead Redemption sequel is on its way, and hopefully I’ll get to play it on PC at some point in my lifetime. Fingers are crossed. One also has to imagine that Grand Theft Auto 6 is also in production somewhere — even though Rockstar has discovered the get rich quick scheme of in-game micro-transactions. They make great games, some of my favorites of all time, and I want more glorious, open-world Rockstar greatness!

But where to next?

Rockstar List 01

We’re just getting started

One would hope that Rockstar have an unlimited number of options ahead of them. The past two Grand Theft Auto games have featured lovingly rendered versions of New York City and Los Angeles, to degrees we previously never thought possible. And the Red Dead Redemption series has taken the greatness of Grand Theft Auto and transferred it to the rough and tumble world of the Wild West. So clearly, the good people at Rockstar know how to make a game world.

So where should they go next? Either in Grand Theft Auto or a new series? Join me after the jump to hear some potential ideas!

6. London

Rockstar List 02

Pip, pip, cheerio

One of the early top-down Grand Theft Auto games took place in London, and I think it’s far past time they went back across the pond. London is a rich and vivid city, in close proximity to both Paris and Scotland, so the locale is full of opportunity. Mostly though, I just want a Grand Theft Auto game where everybody has an awesome accent! Plus, how hilarious would it be for all the American players to have to learn to drive their getaway cars on the opposite side of the street?

5. Monster Island

Rockstar List 03

It looks like so much fun!

There are a lot of different video games and playstyles in the world, but I think the Rockstar games have the best gameplay and I want to see that applied to different kinds of games. I want to have the level of detail and control you find in a  Rockstar game coupled with a giant monster battle! I want to be on the ground level in a city when Godzilla attacks and starts destroying skyscrapers! Or I want to be lost on Monster Island and run across a bunch of different monsters! Or I want Grand Theft Auto controls when I get inside a giant Megazord or Jaeger and go fight the monsters one-on-one!

4. Olympics

Rockstar List 04

Best set piece in the world!

Rockstar games need big set pieces. Maybe have a big high rise heist or a train robbery. Give us a really good setting. How about putting a game in, like, Rio de Janeiro and set it during the Olympic games? Or a Rockstar parody of said games. Give us a new city in a new, non-American culture and center it around this big Olympic village/arena. Maybe your main character is a corrupt athlete, and you’re committing crimes for half the game and then competing in Olympic events for the other half of the game. I’m probably just spit-balling here, but I think it would be a fun subplot for a Grand Theft Auto game! Or maybe you could set the games in London and kill two birds on my list with one stone!

3. Disney World

Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

I’ve been three times

Like everybody else who loves Grand Theft Auto, I enjoyed Vice City when it first came out. Digital Miami looked great! And I know there are a lot of people out there who would love a high definition recreation of Vice City for a new GTA game. Who wouldn’t? Me, that’s who. Vice City was great, but what’s so special about Miami? Why would that deserve a whole new game? Especially when you could do Orlando and throw in a GTA version of Disney World!

Orlando could be the big city setting, with a couple beach towns off in the distance. And then Rockstar could immaculately create their own giant, multi-tiered theme park! Give us the Magic Kingdom plus EPCOT plus MGM Studios plus the Animal Kingdom, all in their great twisted style! Give us a monorail system! Give us the behind-the-scenes action, like those underground tunnels in the Magic Kingdom. Give us miles upon miles of swamp land. So much fun to be had!

2. Las Vegas

Rockstar List 06

I’ve never been

Las Vegas already exists in the Grand Theft Auto world: Las Venturas. It was a big part of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But so was the city of Los Santos, which went on to become the only city setting of Grand Theft Auto 5. Which means Rockstar could go back to Las Venturas and give us a full-scale, casino-laden wonderland! Rockstar did a fine job with the casinos before, but on San Andreas graphics. Now is the time to really go all-out with the Las Venturas Strip and give us a game full of organized casino-themed crime! And then you can recreate all the deserts around Las Vegas, and maybe even dip far enough south to give us the Grand Canyon! How cool would that be?

1. The future

Rockstar List 07

I expected to be there right…now…and now…and now…

This is all I really want. We’ve got a great cowboy game set in the past. And we’ve got a perfected run, gun and car-stealing gameplay style. So why not go really, really crazy with it and invent a futuristic wonderland from top-to-bottom? No open world games are as richly detailed and all-out amazing as those in Rockstar games. They’ve done a great job creating modern cities and rural towns, they’ve done a phenomenal job creating an Old West town and surrounding lawless countryside. So why not really push themselves and create a future of wonder? Flying cars, jetpacks, robots, slums, laser guns, and who knows what else! Let their imaginations soar and just have fun with it! We just want to have fun!


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