The 6 Best Bikini Superhero Costumes (And Their Later Improvements)

I need to level with you Henchies for today’s list. I had this big plan about going to see the new Inhumans TV premiere on the big screen last weekend, but my plans fell through and I didn’t manage to shake my cold. So my plan to write an Inhumans review listicle completely fell through. That, coupled with a Labor Day holiday spent hanging out with my parents, and only I found myself finally getting around to writing this week’s list late last night with a splitting headache.

So let’s just spend today celebrating the end of summer with some impractical bikini-like superhero costumes!

Bikini Punisher 01

It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s probably everything wrong with superhero costumes in their heyday. So rather than just ogle a bunch of superbabes, I’ve decided to go one step further and show off their newer, less-skimpy updated costumes! As you can see, some progress is being made! Even if some of these characters have since reverted back to their skimpier costumes…still, an effort was made. And I applaud that effort!

Join me after the jump for the six best bikini superhero costumes, and the modern upgrades that are a lot less revealing!

6. Star Sapphire

Bikini Sapphire 01

Star Sapphire is a classic Green Lantern villain who actually had a nice, conservative costume way back in the day. It was only when DC Comics revived her for their Green Lantern Rebirth push that she got a super skimpy bikini costume! Then Star Sapphire became the leader of a whole team of alien babes in skimpy bikinis. Then she joined another comic and got a new, more conservative costume again.

5. Vampirella

Bikini Vampirella 01

Vampirella is a classic horror comic hero, who probably achieved that classic status because she’s barely wearing anything at all! Old timey comic book artists knew how to attract their audience! A couple years ago, Dynamite Comics tried to remodel all their popular female characters into more modest outfits, like the one there on the right. I don’t think it stuck around very long.

4. Moondragon

Bikini Moondragon 01

Moondragon is an old school Marvel cosmic superhero who went around in a very skimpy bikini in the 70s and 80s. She hung out with Adam Warlock a lot. Then when Marvel started getting more into the cosmic stuff in the 00s, Moondragon got a couple better costumes that covered a lot more. She was also part of one of the best LGBT couples in comics in the 00s, which is actually saying a lot!

3. Red Sonja

Bikini Sonja 01

Much like Vampirella, Red Sonja is a classic, old school comic book character, this time from the Conan the Barbarian realms. And much like Vampirella, I assume her chainmail bikini is one of the main reasons she’s remained so popular over the years. She invented her own D&D trope! And again, like Vampirella, Red Sonja was part of a character update at Dynamite Comics a couple years ago and got a new costume! I don’t think it lasted very long…

2. Gamora

Bikini Gamora 01

On the left is one of the early costume of Gamora, the kickass star of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. She’s also a fan of fishnets. Thankfully, Marvel gave Gamora a bit more clothes when she became a movie star, hence the updated outfit on the right. She’s been made to look more like her movie version since, which is still an improvement.

1. Phantom Lady

Bikini Phantom Lady 01

Phantom Lady is a DC Comics superhero who started out at another company way back in the Golden Age, and I think DC ended up making her costume even skimpier when they bought her. She has probably the most insane superhero costume ever. That is beyond skimpy! There have been a couple different Phantom Ladys over the years, each one slightly skimpy. The newest one, on the right, didn’t last very long.


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  1. I love Gamora and Phantom Lady both has looks hot and pretty in a bikini costumes

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