Duke Thomas’ New Costume! I Don’t Like It

I try not to get all comic book crotchety too much on this blog. That’s not what I’m about. I’m a happy and positive guy! But I am a big stickler for what becomes of Batman’s sidekicks, and man, DC keeps screwing over Duke Thomas.

Revealed yesterday was his new costume as The Signal, the daytime operative of the Bat-Family. It stinks.

Signal Duke 01

He’s Batman, but yellow

It’s basically just a modified version of his already Yellow Batman costume. It’s going to debut in Batman & The Signal, which is either an ongoing or a mini-series. It’s coming out soon.

Basically, to reiterate my point, this whole thing sucks. Duke Thomas earned the right to be the new Robin. Nobody will ever remember or care about The Signal. It’s a dumb superhero name and it’s completely forgettable. Whereas Batman & Robin are iconic the world over. Remember know and care about them.

So why not have Duke Thomas make history and be the first black Robin? Is Damian Wayne really still that important as Robin? Why not have him graduate to a new identity and let Duke be Robin. Let Duke have a part of the legacy!

Let Duke Thomas be remembered!

Also, while I’m at it, why wasn’t Harper Row made Robin? Remember Harper Row? Of course not, because DC sidelined her with the unmemorable Bluebird identity and then got rid of her.

Man, I just want a cool Robin again…


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  1. I agree that they should’ve mad him the new Robin. After everything he did in Endgame and with robo bat he earned the right. I like Harper but you’re right you don’t really see much of her, she does pop up in Rebirth Detective comics when Batman forms his own League of the Bat-family.

    • I’m reading Detective Comics and she barely appeared, then disappeared again just as quickly. It’s a great idea for these writers to create new supporting characters in Batman comics, but they just don’t have any staying power anymore. They’ve got to grab ahold of a legacy, and Damian has been Robin long enough. Duke absolutely earned the role of Robin. He was great as the pseudo-Robin during Gordon’s time as Batman, and he was great in End Game.

  2. Unfortunately we are going to be saddled with Damian Wayne as Robin for the foreseeable future :/

  3. Interesting to see this point of view. You guys so far are the first I’ve seen who openly, and rather fervently, feel this way about Duke and his new identity. Most I’ve seen, even those who dislike his new “The Signal” moniker, have an irrational hatred of Duke in general (to a sinful degree; Harper, too), and would rather he went the way of Harper (and would rather Harper went the way of the dodo in general).

    For my part, I’m liking this direction for Duke. The Signal name has grown on me since it was revealed, and I’ve loved both iterations of his costume since their inceptions. Furthermore, I feel that Duke as a daytime Gotham vigilante is a pretty genius take for a Gotham hero. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the writer, Tony Patrick, will bring to Duke. My only sad takeaway so far is that it’s only gonna be a 3-issue mini-series at this point (that, and the general lack of Duke post-Rebirth; not that that’s stopped or slowed hater complaints), but that’s about it for now.

    With that said, I can see where the apprehension can come from. Not from the name or the costume, since as I mentioned, I like both, but from the idea of the lack of Duke becoming a fully-fledged Robin potentially hamstringing his longevity. From what I’ve gathered from various interviews and the like, the choice to give Duke his own identity was a means of allegedly not stepping on any Robin fans’ toes (that hasn’t helped). There are genuinely good intentions in that idea, but hopefully the character’s creator didn’t outsmart themselves in their quest to create a new and memorable hero.

    Still, I’m pretty hopeful as of current. 🙂

    • There are people that hate Duke Thomas? And Harper Row? Glad I’m not reading those Internets! Those people sound terrible. And I’m glad you’re hopeful going forward. I wish nothing but the best for the character and the creators. I just don’t think this is the best route to take.

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