Doctor Who Monday!

The last of the Comic Con news I have to share is a glimpse at the Christmas special for Doctor Who. It’s Peter Capaldi’s last adventure, and it looks like it’s gonna be a whopper!

Beyond that, the BBC also put together this nifty tribute video for Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor. I think, at least at this moment, that Capaldi is my favorite Doctor. Though his seasons aren’t my favorite seasons. Is that weird? I dunno, here’s the tribute video.




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  1. The thing about Capaldi’s seasons is that he is arguably the best actor in the revival so far but he lacks a quality all the others (Eccleston, Tennant, Smith) had, and is that he can’t sell a bad episode, ironically by trying too hard.

    All of them had good and bad episodes, but the others adjusted themselves to make the situation as believable as possible without outshining too much the rest, making it seemless even with spotty writing, but Capaldi acts the same regardless of the quality of the episode itself, if it’s good then great, but if it’s bad then he, like a black dot in the middle of a white paper, only showcases how underwhelming the episode really is by comparison.

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