Strong Guy Speaks!

I am not reading all of the Secret Empire tie-ins, so twice now the Strong Guy Watch has been caught with its pants down! I didn’t know he showed up in the pages of Secret Warriors, and I had no clue he popped into this week’s Secret Empire: United. Ugh. Too many tie-ins!

Fortunately, I’ve got some dedicated readers, and friend-of-the-site josta59 pointed out to me that Guido shows up and actually has speaking lines in United this week! Fantastic!

Strong Guy Speaks 01

Good to see him making jokes again

Of course, this blows my leading theory out of the water: that someone at Marvel decided to start putting Strong Guy into the background of X-Men scenes without a word. Now that Guido actually has lines, I’m not sure what to make of any of this…

Strong Guy Speaks 02

I’m also glad to see Marrow back to normal and back to business

At least they’re putting him to good use! I can only hope he becomes a regular in one X-Book or another. We’re two years away from the next massive status quo change for the X-Men, so here’s hoping Guido sticks around until then!



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  1. It’s just a shame that he’s lost so much of his size when compared with how he was drawn in the ’90s. I wish there had been more consistency between artists, since that’s kind of an important feature of his character.

    And thanks again for the mention!

  2. The most tragic part of Jim Lee leaving the X-Books in the 90’s was that he took his love for Guido with him. Jim Lee planned to have him front and center on the X-Men, complete in all of his massive bulk glory. Fortunately, Guido got to shine in X-Factor and things really did end up working for the better.

    Still, it’s fun to fantasize about what could have been.

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