6 Obscure Mutants Who Should Appear on The Gifted

For reasons I do not yet understand, there’s going to be an X-Men TV show that’s not about the X-Men. FOX has gone to all the trouble of bringing the X-Men to TV, but The Gifted won’t actually be about the X-Men. It’s just going to be about random mutants with super powers — so pretty much exactly like the old Mutant X show, or even Heroes. There is no logic in this choice.

But The Gifted is going to feature a couple random X-Men mutants, apparently just for the heck of it.

Gifted List 01

Who thought this was a good title?

The show will feature Polaris and Blink, with full Blink makeup. Among others, I think. It just seems so random! Why not go full X-Men? Or even full Brotherhood? Why not embrace the glorious canon you have at your disposal? Fortunately, there are geeks like me around who have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of obscure mutants.

So let’s just have some pure fandom fun and name the six mutants I would love to see randomly show up on The Gifted! The catch here is that they can’t be main X-Men from the comics or movies.

6. Strong Guy

Gifted List 02

Made for TV hair and goggles

Super strength is an easy power to replicate on TV with a low budget, so The Gifted is totally going to have a strong guy at some point. Why not go with the one and only Strong Guy? Guido Carosella is a true character. He’s funny, he’s weird-looking and he’s got personality by the muscleload! He’d be great as a big, dumb tough guy who can crack a joke.

5. Maggott

Gifted List 03

He looks so hip and normal!

Speaking of weird-looking, Maggott is pretty great in that regard. I have never understood why people don’t like Maggott. Yes, his worms are creepy, but they’re such a really neat mutant power. He’s got two adorable/creepy sidekicks, which would be a lot of fun in CGI’d live action. Add on the fact that his worms are his digestive system given form and you’ve got a really complex, but neato, power. That’s the perfect sort of creepy for TV.

4. U-Go Girl

Gifted List 04

Good mutant shows need people with blue skin

I wanted a member of X-Statix on this list because that is a woefully underappreciated corner of the X-Verse. A lot of their characters could be in The Gifted, but I’ve narrowed it down to U-Go Girl because she’s just plain awesome! I know The Gifted already has a teleporter in Blink, but U-Go Girl would be much better because she’s smarmy, sassy, sarcastic and just plain awesome. You can’t just have dour superheroes in your mutant show. Some of them need to have an attitude, and U-Go Girl is a perfect choice! I’d also be willing to accept Dead Girl from X-Statix, because zombies are still hot right now!

3. Cecilia Reyes

Gifted List 05

TV’s The Doctor

Cecelia Reyes is the perfect way to add both awesomeness and diversity to your TV show. She’s probably the most prominent black X-Woman after Storm, and there’s no way the TV show is getting Storm. Cecelia was a doctor who suddenly developed a personal force field, and was forced into the world of the X-Men — but she never really belonged. She never picked a codename or wore a costume. She was practically perfect for the TV show even when she was in the comics. She’s the perfect ordinary person thrust into a world of super-powers!

2. Mimic

Gifted List 06

Crazy beards are hot right now

You know what’s a cool super-power? Having the power to copy everybody else’s power! It worked for Heroes. It can work for The Gifted by bringing in Calvin Rankin, the Mimic! Just get yourself a normal dude and just have him recreate the powers that you’re already paying the CGI for. Easy peasy! Plus, I just super want the Mimic to show up somewhere. That guy rules.

1. Multiple Man

Gifted List 07

The M is for ‘Make it happen!’


I’m not even going to be subtle here. I totally want my all-time favorite comic book character to be in this show. Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man is awesome. He’s funny, he’s cool, he’s chill and he’s got a really neat, TV-friendly power. Yes, he had a very minor role in X-Men: The Last Stand, but if Blink can be in The Gifted then so can Multiple Man! I’m sure actor Eric Dane isn’t doing anything these days. He could probably use the work. Or recast him! Get some hot new stud to turn Multiple Man into someone really special. It will guarantee I’ll watch the show.



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