The Green Ranger is Real!

The new Power Rangers movie is out in theaters and I loved it! Great film, a ton of fun and hopefully it’s going to lead to a lot of sequels. Consider me on board for them all!

And like any Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan worth his salt, I fully expect the sequels to include the Green Power Ranger, inarguably the best Power Ranger of all time.


Green Ranger is best ranger

Would you like to hear how the movie incorporates the Green Ranger? I’m sorry if you consider this a spoiler, but there was no way they were going to make this franchise without including him. As a big fan, I can’t wait to see him on the big screen.

But just in case this is considered SPOILERS, join me after the jump for how the movie uses the Green Power Ranger!

First and foremost, all the fan theories were correct that Rita Repulsa herself was a former Green Ranger.

This is revealed in a flashback in the first five minutes of the film. So they don’t even tease it out. We flashback to watch Rita, in full Green Ranger gear, wipe out Zordon, a former Red Ranger, and his original team of rangers. There are no ifs, and ors buts about this scene. Rita was a Green Ranger who broke bad.

Then the official Power Rangers Twitter account posted this picture of the Green Ranger helmet.

Green Ranger Movie Helmet 01

Check out the full Tweet

Gorgeous. I love it!

Throughout the movie, Rita uses her Green Power Coin, but she can’t fully morph into the regular outfit. Instead, she just wears a bit of the green armor and keeps the coin in the head of her staff. So we don’t get too close a look of the Green Ranger costume, but there’s definitely a touch more gold than the regular costumes.

There’s no explanation for how the Green Ranger fit into the original team, or how it might fit into the new team. And Zordon never mentions there being a sixth ranger. There’s no sign of the Dragonzord, and obviously the five regular Zords are able to form the Megazord without the green part. So either that’s an oversight, or the Green Ranger is still considered a special case.

Tommy Oliver himself doesn’t show up in the movie, so he probably hasn’t even been cast yet. But the mid-credits scene is all about teasing his eventual arrival. The teacher in charge of detention reads off his name, so Tommy Oliver will definitely show up in the sequel — of which there will hopefully be a sequel!

So yeah, we got some solid teases and hints towards Tommy the Green Ranger, which is exactly what I wanted from this movie! Rock on!


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