6 Insane Characters Peter Dinklage Could Play Other Than Pip the Troll

Awesome actor extraordinaire Peter Dinklage was recently announced as being in talks to star in the two upcoming Avengers sequels. So I had the bright idea of doing a List of Six about the possible roles that Dinklage could play. Of course, the entire rest of the Internet had the very same idea. Clearly great minds think alike.


So much Dinklage attention!

The smart thing to do would be to cut my losses and just do another list. But then I got to thinking: why not just be lazy and make my own list anyway? I’ve never done a list about Peter Dinklage before. Why not? Besides, pretty much everybody on the Internet has pegged Dinklage for the same handful of potential characters: Pip the Troll, the Watcher, Mephisto, Adam Warlock or M.O.D.O.K. And yeah, these are all solid ideas.

But what if I opened up the awesome expanse of my geeky mind and came up with six character possibilities that no sane person would possibly consider?! Yeah, that might be fun.

6. Death


She’s looked younger

Peter Dinklage could totally play the specter of Death itself! Considering the upcoming Avengers sequels are going to focus on Thanos as the villain, Death is going to have to show up at some point. Thanos’ reign of cosmic terror is all about impressing the love of his life, Death! Dinklage could totally do that. He could be creepy and skeletal, and be totally worthy of the affections of Thanos, the Mad Titan. The rest of us already love him, right?

5. Galactus


My dreams know no bounds!

I owe this one to the fine folks at Comics Alliance, who keep casting Dinklage as Galactus in their Cast Party columns. I’m totally in favor of the idea. Galactus would be all CGI anyway, so you’d just need Dinklage’s visage and acting chops to pull off this monumentally awesome character. Granted, Marvel doesn’t own the movie rights to Galactus — as far as we know! Maybe it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

4. The Supreme Intelligence


The Kree head of state. Pun intended.

The Supreme Intelligence is exactly what it looks like: a big, ugly alien head floating in a fish tank. He’s also the leader of the entire Kree race, so at least he’s an important head. We already know that the Kree exist in the MCU thanks to Ronan the Accuser and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Those aliens need to answer to somebody and Peter Dinklage could be their man!

And speaking of weird head monsters…

3. Eon


No relation to previous entry

Just…just look at that thing. Now, I’m not saying Peter Dinklage is ugly. Or that he can only play weird shrimps. But Eon is totally a real thing that exists in the Marvel Cosmic Universe and is therefore a potential character for Peter Dinklage to play! He’s also a potential character for Amy Adams to play, for that matter. But we’re talking about Peter Dinklage, and he would be perfect as Eon, the cosmic custodian who has been around since the Big Bang.

2. Beta Ray Bill


I will post this picture at every opportunity

I want this one to be true more than anything else. Like Galactus and, well, honestly, most of the characters on this list, it would be a totally CGI creation. Dinklage would provide his handsome good looks and his voice. And who, I dare ask, could better play Beta Ray Bill? Who else is worthy of lifting Mjolnir? Or commanding his own magic hammer, Stormbreaker? We’re already on the third Thor movie and there’s no sign of Beta Ray Bill yet. Marvel has to get this project in gear, and Peter Dinklage is their man.

1. Quasar


Dinklage could handsome this up a bit

Quasar might as well be the prince of the universe, kind of like that Queen song. He’s Wendell Vaughn, a normal human from Earth who is given the Quantum Bands and becomes a cosmic protector. Peter Dinklage could totally play that! There’s no reason a dwarf couldn’t become a superhero and there’s no reason Wendell Vaughn couldn’t be rewritten as a dwarf if it means he’ll be played by Peter Dinklage! Quasar is a bit of a minor character, but the Infinity War storyline could use a happy, friendly, generically-powered space superhero. It’s perfect.


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