My 6 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

I think we’re all generally looking forward to the year ahead. Maybe it’ll be a horrible mess of evil. That’s definitely one possibility. Maybe it’ll be the year I finally redesign my aging blog. Who can tell? But at least we know that movies will keep coming out.


It’s finally here!

2017 looks like it could be a great year in movies. Last year was apparently a bit of a downer, with only a few really good successes. This year features a ton of superhero movies, which I love, and even more beyond that. Lots of good flicks could be on the horizon.

Join me after the jump to find out the movies I am most looking forward to seeing in 2017! And be sure to let me know your picks in the comments!

6. Table 19

Hear me out on this one. You’re going to find that Table 19 is a pretty strange outlier considering the rest of this list, but I can’t help but be charmed by that trailer. Not only do I love Anna Kendrick, Stephen Merchant and Craig Robinson, but I am utterly charmed by the film’s premise, because that’s exactly the sort of adventure I would want to have if I was stuck at a wedding. I don’t expect this movie to be any good, and I doubt I’ll even seen it in theaters. But I love the idea that a table of misfits would break away from a wedding reception and go on an adventure that bonds them and teaches them all important life lessons. That’s exactly the sort of sappy, real world fairy tale that I love. I sincerely hope this movie surprises everybody and is actually really good.

Table 19 comes out on March 3.

5. Wonder Woman/Justice League

Yeah, I’m lumping these two together because they might as well be the same movie. I have zero faith in DC and Warner Bros. making a superhero movie as good as Marvel, let alone one that’s particularly entertaining, but I will never give up hope. Hope and faith are two different things. I’m definitely going to see both movies in the theater. And I hope that Wonder Woman is really good and does right by the character. And I hope the awesomeness of seeing the Justice League on screen will make the latter movie awesome. And I hope that Jason Momoa makes for an amazing Aquaman. But DC got both Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad wrong, so I just don’t have any faith.

Wonder Woman comes out on June 2. Justice League comes out on Nov. 17.

4. Power Rangers

I don’t care how dark and brooding the trailers look. I don’t care how badly the toys look. I don’t care that this movie might be a stinker. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was my after school jam growing up, and I am absolutely going to see the dark, gritty big screen reimagining. I’m gonna be there opening night. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for Easter Eggs and any signs of a Green Ranger sequel. I’m going to embrace the new lore. And I’m going to be largely disappointed when it doesn’t get a sequel. Power Rangers is going to be this year’s Warcraft.

Power Rangers comes out on March 24.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Now we’re getting into the real meat and potatoes of the year. It’s a new Spider-Man movie, and like most geeks, I’m not so burnt out on Spider-Man that I’m not excited. Heck, I’m in that small percentage of geeks who liked the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies and found them superior to the original Tobey Maguire films (don’t get me started). I loved Tom Holland as Spidey in Captain America: Civil War and I have total and complete faith in Marvel to make a good movie. So bring it on, new Spider-Man franchise! We’re not sick you yet!

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out on July 7.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

As much as I love the fact that superhero movies dominate Hollywood these days, I get a special thrill out of the idea that the general public has really and truly embraced Guardians of the Galaxy. They loved the first one not because it was just another excellent Marvel superhero movie, but because it was a legitimately great and hilarious movie with a lot of charm and some truly wonderful characters. I was really excited to see trailers for Vol. 2 in the theater and hear people in the audience go ‘awww’ or laugh at the new Baby Groot (for some reason, people don’t watch trailers online?). I’m fully expecting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to be the most entertaining and enjoyable movie of the year.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out on May 5.

1. The LEGO Batman Movie

Unless, like two years ago, when a LEGO movie comes out of nowhere and blows me away! The first LEGO Movie touched my soul, people. I haven’t been effected by a movie like that since. So I have very high hopes for The LEGO Batman Movie, and every trailer so far has been pretty great. If they can combine the amazingness of The LEGO Movie with the general coolness of Batman, while also telling a great story about Robin, then this could be the ultimate movie. We’re probably never going to get an awesome Robin in the DC Cinematic Universe. So if this movie can do him justice, and be just as touching and hilarious as The LEGO Movie, then we might have an all-time masterpiece on our hands.

The LEGO Batman Movie comes out on Feb. 10.


What movies are you most looking forward to in 2016? I know I left off Thor: Ragnarok, Logan and Star Wars: Episode VIII, but those were intentional. Let me know what tickles your fire in the comments below!



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  1. DC, Please get Wonder Woman right. Please get Wonder Woman right. Please get Wonder Woman right. Please get Wonder Woman right…

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