The 6 Wickedest Vertigo Villains

A week or so ago, I was diagnosed with benign positional vertigo, and it sucks. Basically, a bunch of bits and pieces inside my head landed in the wrong part of my inner ear, giving me a bad case of the dizzies. It’s not total vertigo, where the room feels like it’s spinning and I can’t walk straight. I basically just get a wibbly wobbly feeling when I turn my head, making things a bit fuzzy and putting me off balance. And there’s no cure!

Sounds like something a super-villain might do, eh?

I probably shouldn't watch this movie

I probably shouldn’t watch this movie

Thankfully, the doctor was able to put me through a couple maneuvers that shifted the bits and pieces around a little bit. He didn’t fix the problem completely, but he definitely lessened the wobbliness to manageable levels. Now I have to hope it goes away, and I’ve got drugs to dull the headaches or the nausea. I’m surviving.

And since this sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to compare to comic books, I looked up some super-villains who use vertigo-based powers! It’s definitely a super-villain thing. Ugh.

6. Tenpouin Yuuki

I trust that this is

I trust that this is him…her…it?

How hard was it to find six characters who use vertigo as a weapon? For the first time ever, I’m including anime characters in a List of Six! I don’t usually delve into that stuff because it’s just not my scene, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Tenpouin Yuuki is from Code: Breaker and has the ability to control sound. He uses it for all manner of things, to the extent that his wiki page is a little hard to understand, but I’m assured that somewhere along the lines he has used sound to induce vertigo in his enemies. Trust me, I’m on the Internet.

5. Dosu Kinuta

He looks tough

He looks tough

Dosu Kinuta is a definite vertigo villain, as it is one of his primary attacks on Naruto. Dosu Kinuta was a shinobi of Otogakure and the unofficial leader of Team Dosu. Dosu Kinuta has a resonating echo speaker on his arm, which he uses to piece his opponents’ inner ears to induce vertigo and other such problems. That is very cruel. I assume he battles Naruto at some point? That’s what that show is about, right? Any of you henchies how know for sure are welcome to school me in the comments.

4. Proteus

Underrated X-Villain

Underrated X-Villain

Proteus is best known for his madness and reality-warping powers! He’s the insane mutant son of Moira MacTaggert, and he isn’t usually known to have vertigo-based powers. I’ll grant you that. But I think we can all remember that his primary mode of attack in the X-Men cartoon was to warp and weird the world around the X-Men, Wolverine in particular, and that’s kind of like vertigo. Like I said, I’m kind of stretching here. But the top three are definitely vertigo villains, trust me.

3. The Top

Notice all the spinning she's doing

Notice all the spinning she’s doing

In the comics, the Flash villain The Top is a man named Roscoe Dillon who turned a childhood love of tops into a criminal alter-ego. He taught himself how to spin around really fast, which was all well and good, until apparently all that spinning pushed the smartest brain cells to the outside, making him super intelligent, super crazy and super able to rewrite people’s minds. Yeah, apparently it gets really weird with the Top. After dying several times and having his spirit possess other people’s bodies — apparently — the Top does eventually develop the ability to induce vertigo in others.

And guess which power the makers of The Flash TV show decided to use when they brought the Top onto the small screen? Yep! Rosalind Dillon has only the power to induce vertigo in her enemies on the show, which she uses several times against Jesse Quick, who gives the villain ample time to hit her with the vertigo whammy, despite Jesse Quick being a speedster. Also, despite only having vertigo powers, Cisco still comes up with ‘The Top’ for Dillon’s metahuman name. Makes no sense.

2. Vertigo

The tightest in Savage Land garb

The tightest in Savage Land garb

Now we’re getting to the good characters. It turns out that both Marvel and DC each have one dedicated vertigo villain, both of which put the word in their name, which makes my job easier. But they couldn’t be more different. Vertigo at Marvel is a native of the Savage Land, the dinosaur-filled land in the South Pole, where she was the victim of genetic tampering to get her powers. As a mutate, Vertigo went on to join the Marauders, who are a team notorious for getting killed and then cloned over and over again for Mister Sinister. It’s kind of a running joke at this point. And each and every cloned Vertigo wears that same green bodysuit.

1. Count Vertigo

It's called 'class'

It’s called ‘class’

I first met Count Vertigo in a couple awesome episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, but it turns out that he’s a Green Arrow villain. He suffers from an inner ear problem, and the device used to correct his condition also gives him the ability to induce vertigo in others. Someone should probably issue a recall. Anyway, for some reason, Werner Vertigo is descended from royalty in the fictional country of Vlatava and that led him into conflict with Green Arrow and Black Canary for some reason. He also went on to have a rich career with the Suicide Squad, but didn’t make the cut for the recent movie. Maybe they’ll add him to the sequel.



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