6 Things I Want to See in the Power Rangers Movie

The first trailer for the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie dropped over weekend, giving us our first real look at just what this movie is going to be about. We’ve seen the costumes, the posters and the villain, but now we know that the Power Rangers movie is going heavy on the super serious, angsty teenagers angle. This is a pretty far departure from the original lighthearted, campy TV show, but I say bring it on!

Did we all not notice that they're all standing around on boxes?

Did we all not notice that they’re all standing around on boxes?

I was a huge fan of the Power Rangers when I was a kid, watching it every afternoon when I got home from school. I didn’t care that the episodes were silly. I didn’t care that every single episode followed the same exact formula. I was hooked! I owned plenty of toys! And that nostalgia is lodged deep in my geeky soul. I don’t care if this movie is probably going to be a train wreck, you better believe I’m going to have my ticket for opening night!

And since I’m such an opinionated fellow, join me after the jump for six things I want from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie!

6. Zords operating independently

It's probably not going to look this good...

It’s probably not going to look this good…

One of the defining characteristics of the Power Rangers is that they pilot giant, awesome robo-dinosaurs called Zords. But back in the TV show, these Zords were little more than an obstacle that had to be cleared before they finally came together and formed the Megazord to defeat the monster. It saves on the special effects budget if the Zords don’t really do anything, but why even give them all individual robots if they’re not gonna do anything cool with them? The rainbow lions get to shine on their own all the time before forming Voltron.

So I want to see the T-Rex, the Pterodactyl, the Mastodon, the Triceratops, and the Sabertooth Tiger in action! I want them to actually fight, maybe even get a little acrobatic if that’s what it takes. The original Power Rangers movie made good use of the Ninja Zords, but now it’s the Dino-Zords’ time to shine! Then they can go and form the Megazord, or whatever.

5. Wicked Putties

Thy seemed scarier when I was a kid

Thy seemed scarier when I was a kid

The Putty Patrollers are jobbers. They always have been and they always will be. But if they show up in this movie — and I hope they do — then let’s get serious! Make them mean, vicious monsters that gang up on our heroes and can cause some real damage. Make them a legit challenge, and the Power Rangers actually have to put in some effort to stop them. And while they’re at it, maybe use the fact that they’re clay to create a really wicked visual. Maybe the Rangers’ hands and feet get stuck when they punch or kick too hard. Maybe the Putties can melt or mold their bodies somehow. Just have some fun with it!

4. Bring on the Breakfast Club

The haircut means attitude

The haircut means attitude

The Breakfast Club is a classic teenager movie about a bunch of cliche high school characters learning to be themselves during a Saturday detention. It’s a great film. The Power Rangers trailer starts off with all of the Rangers apparently attending a Saturday detention together, and each one seemingly fitting into an expected cliche or stereotype (all except Zach, who barely appeared in the trailer for some reason…). Anyway, I am wholly in favor of this approach for the Power Rangers movie.

It would have been pretty weird if Bender and the gang went off to fight an evil witch in dinosaur robots, but the Power Rangers movie already expects the dinosaur robots and can prepare for them! And even with Power Rangers, my No. 1 rule still applies: people first, superheroes second. Establish these teenagers as real, living, breathing, non-cliche people first, and then have them taste the rainbow and fire up their robo-dinos.

3. Some real history between Zordon, Rita and maybe even Alpha

Elizabeth Banks' role of a lifetime, maybe?

Elizabeth Banks’ role of a lifetime, maybe?

The original Power Rangers show barely ever hinted at what came before the Power Rangers. How did Zordon go from a badass cosmic warrior to a giant head in a jar? How did Rita end up in that space dumpster and what was going on 10,000 years ago when that happened? Did Zordon ever have any epic fights with Rita or Lord Zedd? Why is Alpha the robot even around? Was he around back then? Writer Kyle Higgins is starting to explore some of these ideas in his Power Rangers comic, and I hope to see even more in the movie. Backstory and mythology can turn a generic story into something deep and epic, and there is a ton of room for the Power Rangers story to grow backwards.

2. A kickass Goldar

He needs more evil

He needs more evil

We also found out over the weekend that Rita’s right hand griffin monster, Goldar, is definitely going to be in the movie. That’s great news! Goldar is a solid villain, even if he got a little goofy sometimes on the show. At his heart, Goldar was a vicious, violent soldier with a terrifying look — and they should expand on all of that for the movie. Goldar is the solid choice for a monster to grow large enough to need the Megazord, so I hope they put some real work into the guy. Rita already seems really creepy and cool, so they just need to make a Goldar to fit. No bickering on the moon, no campy silliness. Just a stone cold, winged monster from the depths of Hell to rise up in his golden armor and threaten the entire planet!

1. Hints of the Green Ranger

Great superhero? Or greatest superhero?

Great superhero? Or greatest superhero?

Honestly, this is all I really need from the Power Rangers movie. I don’t care if they want to hold off on Tommy Oliver until the sequel, but as long as we get some mention of the Green Ranger, that will be good enough for me. It will instantly turn me into a giddy kid again sitting in the theater, such is my fandom for the best Power Ranger. I love the rumors that Rita Repulsa is a former Green Ranger and that she still has his power coin. If that’s what we get, and she mentions passing that power onto her own teenager with attitude, that would be brilliant.

Tommy the Green Ranger is too important and just too damn cool to ignore.


What would you like to see in the Power Rangers movie? Any ideas? It’s worth noting that a lot of the stuff I listed is happening in Kyle Higgins’ Power Rangers comic at BOOM! Studios. I definitely recommend that comic!



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  1. I want the music. I’d settle for someone’s ringtone being the dragonzord flute tune. But the theme song was pure 90’s gold. They need to update it and play it during the credits.

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