6 More Great Cameos on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Hello, everypony! Welcome to another List of Six about one of my favorite cartoons, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you didn’t know, I’m a total brony, but not in any of those weird, private ways. Those people are entitled to their own lives, I just like the show. It’s well-made, has relatable and interesting characters, and is clearly put together by a bunch of pop-culture loving geeks like me! Why do I say this? Because the animators like to cram a ton of awesome pop culture references into the background of nearly every episode! I chronicled some of the best cameos in a previous List a few years ago.

And now I’m back to do it again!

The pony dude abides

Since writing the last list, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has kept producing new episodes and seasons like any other non-cancelled show. And with age comes daring do, it seems, because there have been even more cameos than before! Heck, some of the pop culture reference characters have even joined the show and gotten speaking parts. I’ve gotten a couple henchies commenting to let me know about some of the new cameos, so I’ve decided to whip up another awesome cameo list!

Join me after the jump and enjoy!

6. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

You should hear his rant with the pony car rental agent

Kids love classic Steve Martin and John Candy comedies from the ’80s, right? Welp, that’s definitely Neal Page and Del Griffith in the back of a train car in the Season 5 episode Hearthbreakers. Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie are heading home for the holidays, just like these two sad sacks. And if you look closely enough, you can even see that Del’s cutie mark is a set of shower rings. Now that is good pop culture reference. And who knows, maybe the kids watching will ask their parents some curious questions, and we’ll get more people watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Couldn’t hurt.

5. Pulp Fiction

“And you will know my name…”

My Little Pony isn’t afraid to get a little R-rated. How else can you explain Jules and Vincent enjoying at meal at this pony diner? Are they arguing about the pony version of Big Macs? Are they on their way to shoot a bunch of people? At which point in the Pony Pulp Fiction timeline does this episode take place? How many people have they killed so far? And what other Tarantino characters can we expect to see in the future? The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, perhaps?

4. Grand Budapest Hotel

Take it all in

Bless you, My Little Pony, bless you. I am a huge Wes Anderson fan, and this is just great. Rainbow Dash is attending a fan convention for her hero Daring Do, an Indiana Jones-inspired adventurist. At the convention, she meets Quibble Pants, a fanboy who gets a little too nit-picky about some of Daring Do’s more recent adventures. Quibble Pants is voiced by Patton Oswalt, the king of nit-picky fanboy rants. And if you have listened to Patton’s latest stand-up special, you’ll know how cool this cameo probably was for him and his daughter.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, this Daring Do convention is apparently taking place in the Grand Budapest Hotel.

“Keep your hands off my lobby pony!”

That’s M. Gustave at the concierge stand in the center, and you can even see Zero down in the bottom right. It’s beautiful. Rainbow Dash goes there to complain about Patton Oswalt, but she gets nowhere. Gustave was only really interested in the older, richer clients anyway.

3. Professor Snape

10 points from Gryffinpony

I don’t know the turn around time on a My Little Pony episode, so I don’t know if this was done to honor the late Alan Rickman, but that’s definitely Severus Snape. Or, rather, that’s Professor Flintheart, a grumpy teacher pony in the Season 6 episode A Hearth’s Warming Tale. This is the show’s A Christmas Carol episode, where we hear the story of a grumpy pony who is visited by three ghosts to teach her to the true meaning of Hearth’s Warming. When the Spirit of Hearth’s Warming Past takes her to visit her childhood, we see her evil magic instructor, Professor Flintheart, telling her to grow up and not be a dorky little kid. What a jerk! Something tells me he didn’t redeem himself in the battle against Pony Voldemort.

2. Sherlock

I’m not sure how to explain their Cutie Marks…

Detective episodes are always a hoot, and My Little Pony tapped that well in Season 5 with Rarity Investigates! The fashion maven pony Rarity goes full film noir mode to prove her pal Rainbow Dash did not commit a crime, completely with cuts to black and white and heavy-handed narration. And it was nice of the showrunners to tip their hats to famous detectives Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson…except they totally went with the modern versions from the BBC show Sherlock. That’s definitely Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the background up there. Of course, considering Sherlock is the superior Holmes adaptation these days, I say by all means. Gotta stay hip with today’s young audience.

1. J. Jonah Jameson

“Where the hell are my damn pictures of Spider-Pony?”

Is there any greater fictional journalist than J. Jonah Jameson? Yeah, probably, but Jameson has got to be one of the most fun! The flat top, the mustache, the whole spiel; the guy is a legend for all the right reasons. In the Season 6 episode The Saddle Row Review, Jameson is the obvious inspiration for the newspaper reporter pony Buried Lede (let’s not get into pony naming conventions right now). He’s interviewing Rarity and her friends about the new shop Rarity opened in Manehattan. He doesn’t ask her for pictures of Spider-Pony, but you can tell it’s on the tip of his tongue.


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  1. How about doing your top 6 favorite cartoons of all time?

  2. You’ve probably heard by now, but Jules and Vincent (Pulp Fiction) appear in the new movie, but Jules has a different Cutie Mark – that of a wallet (Bad Mother F…) rather than The Briefcase. (I didn’t see Vincent’s in time)

    As for the Sherlock Cuties, the smiley face on ‘Watson’ is in reference to the smiley face spray printed on Sherlock’s wall – and the bumblebee is in reference to one of violinists most difficult pieces to play “flight of the bumblebee” – Sherlock is an amateur violinist

    That’s all I got.


  3. Re: Sherlock’s cutie mark
    I saw another theory (Yay for Google and more nerdy fans out there) – in the ACD books, Sherlock kept bees , I think in retirement. So there have been bee references in many or most of the Sherlock movies and shows. Including the cutie mark

  4. Oh I’m sure Professor Flitnheart/Snape redeems himself very well in the Battle against Pony Voldemort (if Pony Voldemort does exist). He’s be the first one not to put his students’ lives in danger of physical harm and death, unlike Professor McGonagall and ‘Hagrid’ and so many others of his colleagues, and to sacrifice his life for the lives of children in a war against a true evil pony. A good grumpy Professor Flintheart/Snape! 😀

  5. RE: Sherlock
    As it happens, Shelock Holmes kept a rooftop apiary… and, upon retirement, took up beekeeping. It at least lends some explanation to one of the cutie marks…

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