6 Minor Things that Really Grind My Gears

This List is all about gripes. We’ve all got gripes. Be they big complaints or minor nitpicks, none of us is perfectly happy with every single facet of the world. I’ve gone on a few rants in my day on this blog, sometimes over little things. I can’t even remember them all. But over time, I’ve been collecting a few specific things that really grind my gears and I’ve put them into a new List of Six.

Too many listicles

I’m sure I have a lot more gripes and complaints with the world than these six. But these ones are still pretty good. They’re just facets of the world that get under my skin, like nails on a chalkboard. These are all probably completely innocuous, but I just want to get them off my chest.

Join me after the jump for six dumb little things that really grind my gears. And feel free to share some of your own in the comments!

6. Those Facebook clickbait titles that say ‘#3 will blow your mind!’

I bet it won’t

I think we can all agree that we hate clickbait headlines. It’s an unfortunate side effect of our Internet age and it’s probably not going to go away anytime soon. I’m as much a victim of them as anybody else. But what I hate even more than clickbait headlines are those specific headlines with the addendum that one of the items on the listicle is especially exciting. Like, “10 Childhood Actors and What They Look Like Now; No. 3 Will Shock You” or some such drivel.

If No. 3 is so great, why isn’t it No. 1? Why have the addendum at all? Just to add even more clickbait to an already clickbait headline? Argh. I can’t stand it and it drives me frickin’ nuts!

5. When people complain about child actors going through puberty on the show

Bran Stark is fine

We see it all the time on our favorite shows: child actors became teenagers even though it doesn’t necessarily fit the timeframe of the show. Bran Stark on Game of Thrones, Carl on The Walking Dead or Walt on Lost are three primary examples. And for some reason, people can’t deal with this. Why would you complain about this? Look, we all know and understand puberty. It’s a basic fact of human growth. Most of us went through it ourselves. So cut these child actors some slack. They can’t control it and they probably know how it might even sink their careers. But for this one show, just suck it up and deal with it. Maybe it doesn’t fit the precise timeline of your show, but just roll with it.

4. When people complain that the other Avengers don’t appear in the solo films

This movie was fine without Robert Downey Jr.

You’d think that nobody had ever read a single comic book before! Or that they don’t understand how the Marvel Cinematic Universe works. It’s a simple suspension of disbelief, people! Get on board! Marvel produces a series of solo superhero movies, then brings everybody together for a big Avengers crossover. That’s how it works! And it works so well!

So no, Captain America and Iron Man don’t need to show up in Thor: The Dark World. And Steve Rogers doesn’t need to call Tony Stark during the events of The Winter Soldier. Sometimes stuff happens and you just want to handle it yourself. Or there’s no time to call someone else. Or maybe they’re unavailable. Or on their way. It didn’t take Thor very long to defeat Malekith when he invaded London. Perhaps Iron Man was already flying across the Atlantic, but arrived too late to help. Or maybe I don’t need to come up with a plausible reason.

Superheroes handle stuff on their own all the time! They don’t call in superhero back-up for every little cat in a tree! Deal with it.

3. When people complain about accents in movies and TV

She used an American accent the whole time on Chuck!

Getting the accent right has never been a big deal for me when it comes to actors in movies or on TV. We all have accents. That’s just the way the world works. So I don’t care that a foreign actor doesn’t get the American accent down perfectly. Or if an American has a crappy British accent. Or if all fantasy movie characters seem to have a British accent. We are all pretty much stuck with the voices we were born with, and we do the best we can. But rarely does the accent define the character, especially not to the point of ruining a movie.

2. ‘It’s a XXXX thing, you wouldn’t understand’

Don’t make me come over there

This really pisses me off. We’ve all seen it shared on our Facebook feeds. Or maybe some targeted ad shows up and specifically calls us out. Whether job-related or they use our family names, it bugs me either way. “It’s a Mills thing, you wouldn’t understand” or “It’s a reporter thing, you wouldn’t understand”; it all just bugs the hell out of me! What a crappy way to market your stupid products. Especially since it relies on people being stupid to find it funny. Like, do they not get it? Do they not understand that the manufacturer could substitute any job or name into the phrase and it would still work?

Obviously, every job and family is going to have some unique quirk that only insiders would understand. But you don’t get to celebrate that quirk with a stupid, generic slogan designed by evil people to sucker in as many morons as possible!

1. Actor interviews

Leave the poor man alone!

I’ve mentioned this before, but the recent glut of such interviews in the aftermaths of Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad has me squirming in my seat all over again. I hate it when actors or directors or whoever goes on the media circuit to promote their movie and they answer the usual mix of garbage questions with the usual mix of garbage answers. I hate the pandering. I hate when actors talk about getting into character, especially if it’s a superhero movie. Everyone sounds so utterly pretentious!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with actors, and I’m sure they enjoy and appreciate their craft. I just don’t like hearing them talk about it.

And I especially don’t like interviews after the movie has come out, when the media tracks down the same actors and directors and asks them what they think about bad movie reviews. I wouldn’t be caught dead watching one of those interviews. Yes, Suicide Squad got bad reviews, but I do not want to hear the director or the actors get confrontational by trying to defend the film. Why would anyone even subject these professionals to this kind of treatment? They’re still happy with the movie they made. You don’t need to rub their noses in its failings and then film it!



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