The 6 Spookiest Comic Book Necromancers

Necromancy is pretty spooky stuff. Raising the dead, summoning skeletons, speaking to ghosts; it’s a creepy treasure trove of super-powers that don’t exactly lend themselves to anyone heroic. But I’m actually a big fan! The Necromancer was my first hero choice in Diablo II, and just the other day, I started a brand new Skyrim character with the intent to build her into a Necromancer. And remind me to tell you (and the world) someday about Mandi, the World’s Most Adorable Necromancer.

This takes me back

As I embark upon my new Skyrim quest of raising zombies to fight dragons (because video games are awesome), I’ve decided to look over the comic book universe to see what heroes and villains share in this power. Considering how often superheroes come back from the dead, you’d think it would be more common! But nope, there’s only a handful, and they are a pretty spooky bunch!

6. Nora Fries

It was a crazy time

That name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Why yes, it’s the long-frozen wife of Mr. Freeze, the classic Batman villain! We all remember how Victor Fries pined over his frozen wife in Batman: The Animated Series. It was heartbreakingly tragic! Well did you know that in the comics, Fries actually managed to bring his wife back to life? In the pages of Batgirl, Mr. Freeze hurls his wife’s frozen body into a Lazarus Pit, reviving her — but also turning her into some kind of insane monster lady, who calls herself Lazara. She has the power to raise the dead and cause all sorts of havoc, but Freeze somehow manages to freeze her again to save everybody. And that’s another lesson in why comics are weird.

5. Brother Voodoo

Hope to see him in a movie someday

Though not a traditional Necromancer, Brother Voodoo has the power to summon his brother’s ghostly spirit to help him fight bad guys. Jericho Drumm was a psychologist in America who returned home just in time for his houngan brother Daniel to die from an evil voodoo curse. So Jericho started studying with Daniel’s mentor and became a houngan himself. That’s reason enough to become a superhero to set things right, and with his brother’s spirit at his side, Brother Voodoo eventually became powerful enough to replace Doctor Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme! That’s a good resume-builder.

4. Suma-Ket

This is a weird one

Once upon a time, Suma-Ket was King of Atlantis, which is a pretty nifty title. But he was a jerk and a tyrant, and he was eventually banished by the good underwater people. That is a pretty solid origin if you want to eventually get into fights with Prince Namor, the new ruler of Atlantis. Suma-Ket controlled the Unforgiven Dead in his efforts to do battle, but he and all his pals eventually got pushed back and defeated. Namor used the very Trident of Neptune to kill this guy! That’s pretty hardcore.

3. Bloodwynd

The 90s were a special time

The 90s were a trippy time in comics, hence: Bloodwynd. How’s that for a superhero name?! And that doesn’t even begin to explain his weirdness. So Bloodwynd’s powers are based on the Blood Gem, an artifact created by slaves to kill their sadistic master, only to trap his spirit inside the Gem, where he eventually became the villain known as Rott. The Gem was passed down through the generations until Rott grew strong enough to pull the modern day Gem-wielder inside…at which point the Gem bonded with Martian Manhunter, turning him into Bloodwynd. Then for awhile, Manhunter posed as Bloodwynd in Justice League comics, until Blue Beetle eventually figured it out and they freed their friend.

Again…comics are weird. Then, the modern day Gem-wielder returned to normal and he became Bloodwynd for real. The Gem grants him all sorts of normal superhero powers, while also making him a top class Necromancer. So for a short while, the Justice League featured a Necromancer on the team, one who will always be overshadowed by the fact that he was secretly Martian Manhunter for awhile.

2. Nekron

He commands the zombie Justice League, but leaves his weak spot all open like that

Nekron is as big and bad as they get! He’s the ‘living’ avatar of death and darkness in the DC Universe. He rules the realm where the newly dead hang out until they’re sent to Hell, Heaven, Purgatory or wherever else they end up in the afterlife. Nekron is greedy and always wants more souls, and as his power grew over the years, he eventually became the leader of the Black Lantern Corps! He resurrected an army of dead superheroes and villains and tried to take over the universe! The good guys stopped him, of course, but it got pretty spooky there for a bit.

1. Dead Girl

Still waiting for that X-Statix movie

Dead Girl is the coolest and most mainstream Necromancer superhero in comics! She’s a mutant whose powers manifested when she was killed, and she self-resurrected into a semi-immortal being with ties to the dead. She joined X-Statix, the celebrity-obsessed offshoot of the X-Men back in the 00s. She was cool, calm and awesome, and she made dead cool! That’s the important thing. X-Statix was all about image. She was also one of the only X-Statix characters to ‘live on’ after that series ended. Marvel was kind enough to give Dead Girl her own mini-series, where she teamed up with several other dead comic characters to defeat a villain in the Afterlife.

Dead superheroes need to get up to something when they’re waiting to be brought back to life, I guess.



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