6 Other 90s Kids Show That Deserve a Movie Adaptation

There’s going to be a Power Rangers movie, you guys! Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was the show of shows when I was a kid in the 90s! I watched it every day after school. I still consider the Green Ranger one of the greatest heroes of all time. And I have nothing but fond memories of Zordon, the Black Ranger, Lord Zedd and all the rest of those multi-colored knuckleheads. I don’t know if this movie is going to be any good, but my fuzzy memories will never die.

I recall the costumes being plainer

This Power Rangers movie has also got me thinking: have we finally moved on to adapting 90s kids’ shows into live action, realistic movies? Are the 80s already tapped out? We’ve had movies for the Transformers, G.I. Joe, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jem, and I know a new He-Man movie is in the works. The 80s have given us many good to blah movie franchises, but their well of quality kids’ shows is not infinite. Is it time to move on to the 90s?

Good thing I watched kids’ shows back then too, and I’ve got some solid suggestions for Hollywood!

6. Sailor Moon

Better at girl power than the Spice Girls

Sailor Moon is an anime, so I’m not quite sure how the rights might work. But America made a crappy Dragonball Z movie, so surely they can do something with Sailor Moon, right? You’ve got female empowerment, awesome monsters and superheroes, plus a talking cat or two! This is the definitive feel-good, all-girl superhero franchise from the 90s, and now is the perfect time to bring them to life. Jem and the Holograms was too small a movie and too big of a bomb. We need something bigger and better.

5. Big Bad Beetleborgs

Also better than the Spice Girls

In the grand tradition of movie studios coming out with identical moves in the same year, why not make a Big Bad Beetleborgs to rival the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers? That’s what FOX Kids legitimately tried to do to itself back in the 90s. This was an obvious Power Rangers clone, starring three rapscallion kids who turns into beetle-themed Rangers. They fought monsters, had super-powers, and got up to all manner of shenanigans. And instead of Zordon, they had a circus clown genie and a house full of classic movie monsters. It got really, really weird…but that just means it will be perfect for a gritty reboot!

4. The Secret World of Alex Mack

Larisa Oleynik has always been pretty great

This show was my jam back in the day! Ordinary teenager Alex Mack gets super-powers and has to use them to battle the evil chemical plant that accidentally gave her the powers in the first place? Teenage drama and cool super-powers stuff? Before the age of superhero movies, this kind of show was great! It had a lot of heart, it had a great cast, it had cool special effects; this was superhero TV without the superhero, and without the expectations. It’s another classic Nickelodeon show that sits comfortably in the nostalgic hearts of memory. Make it the new Twilight!

3. Dexter’s Laboratory

He should have an invention to stop her

I’m surprised we haven’t had any sort of Dexter’s Laboratory reboot. Cartoon Network has brought back the Power Puff Girls to a new cartoon, but no Dexter? It’s the story of a boy genius who has a gigantic mad scientist lab hidden underneath his house. His parents are none the wiser, but his sister Deedee is a constant annoyance. Like most cartoons, they got up to all manner of mischief. Now all you’ve got to do is cast a couple of cute kids and go crazy with the gadgets and CGI…and suddenly I’m picturing Spy Kids or something lame like that. But surely they won’t make the Dexter’s Laboratory movie lame, right?

2. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

International cooperation? Seems sketchy

The environment is still messed up, people. How are kids today supposed to know that we need to recycle and not pollute? We need the Planeteers — and international squad of heroic, element-wielding warriors — now more than ever! When their powers combine, Captain Planet shows up to take pollution down to zero. That’s a heart-warming message with a lot of cool super-powers and CGI elements to play with. Plus, it’s got that Power Rangers vibe where a bunch of teens with individual powers unite to do something bigger and better. Part of me wants to see a gritty reboot of the Planeteers, but I’d be cool with a straight adaptation as well.

1. Gargoyles

Hear him roar!

This could be epic! Just imagine the Gargoyles in full-on motion capture CGI like the orcs from Warcraft. They were the best part of that movie! But now you’ve got the Gargoyles and their amazingly awesome story! Ancient stone gargoyles from the medieval era are brought forward to the 21st century atop their ancestral castle, and now must survive in modern day Manhattan. They’re big, they’re awesome, and they’ve got a great story filled with tons of mythology and history. This is where motion-capture technology needs to go next. This is where Hollywood needs to go next!


Those are the 90s shows that I think could make for solid movie adaptations. I can’t guarantee they’d be good, but since when has that stopped Hollywood? Let me know in the comments if I picked the right shows, or if I missed one or two good ones!



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  1. gargoyles is THE BEST!

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