Marvel is Doing Deadman

Not to be too cruel about the announcement of a new superhero, but there’s really no ignoring the obvious with the reveal of Mosaic. Marvel and their new creative team opened the Big Book of Super-powers and picked one that is so weird and unique it would be pretty special…if it wasn’t the exact same power as Deadman, a DC superhero. Not to say writer Geoffrey Thorne and artist Khary Randolph won’t tell a good story, but the powers are a little blatant.

Still, it’s not like this is the first time heroes or villains from the two companies have shared powers or concepts. Perhaps Marvel will make something awesome of Mosaic!

Superhero naming conventions are weird

The character debuted with an interview at Vulture. The creative team lay out the basics of his powers and personality. Mosaic is Morris Sackett, a professional basketball player who turns out to be an Inhuman. He gets the power to jump into people’s bodies and control them like a puppet. When he’s not in someone else’s body, he’s a free-floating ghost. Check out the interview for more specifics. I like the idea of a ‘celebrity’ becoming an Inhuman.

And you know me, I’ll try any comic book once. I’ll give Mosaic as much of a shot as I give any other comic. I can’t say as how I’m eager, but I’m always up for more diversity. I’m also quite curious what Marvel plans to do with this original hero. It’s not that often that Marvel or DC start a brand new comic with a brand new character. They usually prefer to resurrect a familiar brand name, like Ms. Marvel (which worked out spectacularly for them). So I hope Mosaic gets his shot…but I also know that it’s very, very, very rare for an original character to go the distance these days. Anybody heard from the Runaways recently?



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  1. I talk enough about supporting diversity among characters and, more important, among creators. So I’ll put my money where my mouth is and pick up the first issue. The writer and line artist are both black. So, yeah, I’ll get the first issue.

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