6 Things I Want to See in Future Warcraft Movies

For the Horde! Lok’tar ogar! Get pumped, get excited! The Warcraft movie hits theaters this weekend, and I am chomping at the felboar’s bit to see it! Warcraft is in my blood. My brother, father and I have all been playing Warcraft since the very beginning, back when I was a wee henchman. I live for the Warcraft lore, so a big screen, live action adaptation is the sort of movie I’ve been waiting for!

I really hope it’s good.

Please be good!

It’s getting high marks overseas, which is nice. But it’s not about superheroes, and for once in my geeky life, I’m actually worried about that. I think the trailers have been excellent. The CGI looks amazing. The story and the characters could be something special. Heck, I don’t just want Warcraft to be good, I want it to succeed!

I want a whole franchise! I want a ton of sequels! I want them to plumb the depths of Warcraft lore and deliver everything I’ve ever loved about the series. Join me after the jump for a few specifics!

6. Pirate orcs

Zug zug, me mateys!

Originally, I was a little baffled that the first movie is going to based on the first Warcraft video game. That thing came out back in the 90s, and most everything to do with Warcraft these days revolves around World of Warcraft. Why take the risk of adapting that super old game, even if it makes for a solid starting point? Once upon a time, I wrote my own movie adaptation guide, and I suggested they alter the lore and focus on Thrall and Arthas. But what do I know?

If this series holds, then the first sequel might focus on the events of the Warcraft 2 video game. It was an upgrade on the first, and added ship-based combat to the game. So why not throw some pirate orcs in there! Medieval warfare is all well and good, but Warcraft blends a lot of different styles into their world, and that’s part of the charm. Maybe the sequel will focus on the plot of Warcraft 2, or maybe they’ll go off the rails, but it would be a blast to throw in some orc warships and their wretched pirate crews!

5. Recognizable landmarks

Is this Westfall?

This one is kind of a gimme, since we already know we’ll be seeing some familiar taverns, the Dark Portal and parts of Stormwind, Iron Forge and Dalaran. But when it comes to picking locales and sites for filming, I hope future filmmakers really strive to capture existing World of Warcraft locations. When I see characters in a place, and we can see the horizon, I want to know in my bones where they are. Whether it’s the Red Ridge Mountains or Stranglethorn Vale or Tanaris or Thousand Needles, I want to see it on screen. Don’t just give us general locations. Recreate the world of Warcraft! Make it come alive!

4. Gnolls

He’s ready for his close-up

For reasons I can’t fully explain, the gnolls are one of my favorite races in Warcraft lore. They’re savage, giggly hyena-men, and I love their design. I wish there were some more noteworthy gnolls in the lore, but I take what I can get. Hopefully, someday, somewhere, we’ll get to see some gnolls in action. We do know that famed gnoll jerkwad Hogger exists in continuity, and for now, that will be enough. But I wanna see some real gnolls!

3. Rexxar

The hero Azeroth needs

Rexxar is definitely one of the coolest characters in Warcraft lore. Introduced in the Warcraft 3 expansion pack, he’s a half-ogre, half-orc Beastmaster badass who kicks all kinds of butt. He’s got a noble heart, a team of animal friends, and fights for honor alongside the Horde. Rexxar is just plain cool. And I wouldn’t need much. He doesn’t need to have a big role or anything. I would be totally happy with just a background cameo in some future movie. That would be enough for me, and hopefully for the fans!

2. The partnership of orcs and trolls

Someone’s gotta watch your back

As far as I know, there won’t be any trolls in the Warcraft movie. We’ll get to see dwarves, draenei and blood elves, but no trolls, taurens, pandaren, goblins, gnomes or undead. There are rumors of an unfilmed fight scene with some trolls, but that’s about it. So hopefully this proud, important race can show up in a future sequel. And when they do, I would love to see the birth of the partnership between orcs and trolls. It’s a team-up that has been in place since Warcraft 2, but has never really played out in the games. At some point, the invading orcs from Beyond the Dark Portal met up with the native trolls of Azeroth and decided it would be cool to hang out.

I would love to see that happen. Trolls would obviously be an enemy of the humans, and it’s easy to think of evil, violent trolls from dozens of fantasy movies. So if Warcraft is really pushing the idea that the orcs are just as personable as the humans, why not do the same for trolls? Create some really nasty, crazy, evil-looking trolls…and treat them like alright folk who gladly partner with the orcs and offer them home and hearth.

1. Fun

Is the world ready for Murlocs, though?

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I don’t know if this is true, but apparently the film is a very serious affair. They take the lore deathly serious, and while that can be fun, Blizzard and Warcraft staked their claim by being silly as well. Everybody who has ever repeatedly clicked on a unit in an early Warcraft game knows how silly Blizzard can get. From pop culture references to adorable Easter Eggs to a well-used sense of humor, the Warcraft games have always coupled comedy alongside warfare. That’s not to say it’s a comedic series, but the game designers always knew how to combine funny and serious to make a hit product.

As much as I may love the lore, and as much as I can’t wait to see it taken seriously, hopefully future films can have a little fun with the property. I don’t expect them to immediately travel to Pandaria for some kung fun pandas, but maybe a murloc or two would be fun to see? I don’t think that’s too much to ask.



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