Thor: Ragnarok Puts Its Foot Down!

The first details of Thor 3: Ragnarok were unveiled today, with Marvel dropping both a cast list and this sweet concept art. The new cast members and characters sound very, very promising.

Lookin’ pretty badass

We’ve got Cate Blanchett playing Hela, the Norse goddess of the Underworld. Jeff Goldblum, of all people, is joining as the Grandmaster, which is a very interesting choice. He’s like The Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy, one of those oddball cosmic Marvel characters. Not sure what this means for the MCU.

Tessa Thompson will be the superhero Valkyrie, which is awesome. And the biggest news is that Karl Urban will be Skurge the Executioner! Hells yes! Now that is some casting and character I can get behind!

Good things happen when you’ve got Skurge and Hela in a Thor story together. Gjallerbru is the #1 thing I’ve wanted to see in the solo Avengers sequels since at least 2012! Surely Marvel’s going to make it happen. How could they not?

I’m still not sold on the Hulk being in this movie, but whatevs. I have nothing but absolute faith in the Marvel Movie Machine, and Thor: Ragnarok already sounds promising. It’s going to hit theaters on Nov. 3, 2017.


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  1. I understand that with a name like Ragnarok the movie will mostly be about expanding the Asgardian lore and they are already introducing too many characters and the Hulk into the mix, but still, no Beta Ray Bill? I’m a bit dissapointed, he better be in the post-credits scene.

    • I don’t like that they keep referring to this film as a ‘road movie’. With a name like Ragnarok, you’d think it would be about buckling down on Asgardian lore! They need to wage the final battle of Asgard, not have the Hulk and Thor travel around to the different, boring realms!

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