Speaking of the Punisher…

Honestly, there’s really only one thing wrong with Thomas Jane’s Punisher movie…

Cinema Sins did a fine job, but really, the biggest problem is that it’s a revenge film, not a punishment film. Daredevil season 2 did the same thing. Why can’t filmmakers separate Frank Castle from getting revenge on the people who killed his family? I guess they just need to make more than one movie, so we don’t always have to do an origin story.


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  1. The reason is really simple really, because “Frank not getting revenge on his family killers but rather on crime itself” came from Garth Ennis “Punisher MAX”… which have not been even been written yet when the movie already finished production, the first issue came out in March 2004, the movie was released 1 month later in April 2004.

    Before that run it already was established for decades that his family killers were his first victims, and the movie is pretty much a shot-for-shot adaptation of “Punisher: Year One” (with plenty of scenes and dialogue taken straight from that comic) merged with “Welcome Back Frank” (Ennis first serious story with the character and the most recognizable Punisher work at the time), a few issues of “Punisher: Warzone” (Where the infamous popsicle scene is from) and others thrown in for good meassure.

    So it IS a faithful adaptation of the comics, just not the comics you read, and I always find funny when people complain about that when Ennis himself actually liked the film (he said his favorite scene was the popsicle torture of all things) and even contributed to the Extended Cut (which is an overall better version of the movie) with an animated comic prologue.

    • There’s a Punisher: Year One? I knew this was an adaptation of Welcome Back, Frank, but I didn’t know there was an actual ‘Year One’. And I know he has killed his family’s killers. But that was part of a large comic book tapestry. When you’ve only got a 2 hour movie, and his only targets are his family’s killers, that makes it a generic revenge flick. And there are a million revenge flicks out there. That’s what’s always bugged me about this Punisher movie.

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