6 Superhero Civil Wars I Would Like to See

I am so very excited for Captain America: Civil War! It’s in theaters in America tomorrow, and I just can’t wait! I love me some Marvel superhero movies, and this one is supposed to be another slam dunk! I want to see Ant-Man, I want to see Spider-Man, I want the Black Panther to kick butt, I want Captain America and Iron Man to come to blows! I want to see this movie!

One more day!

On the other hand, I have zero interest in the Civil War II comic crossover coming out this summer. I just don’t care. Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel over some Inhuman? Really? I know Marvel tries to have their comics mirror their movies, at least a little bit. But I super incredibly don’t care. I enjoyed the original Civil War, and I still think the concept makes for a great storyline. But meh.

Of course, that’s no reason we can’t have some comic book speculation fun! What superheroes would I like to see have a ‘civil war’? What hero vs. hero battles would be pretty neat?

6. Avengers vs. Fantastic Four

I know the Fantastic Four are verboten at Marvel these days, but they’ll be back soon enough. And when they do return, and have some adventures, I think they should eventually be pitted against the Avengers. Have the Fantastic Four ever been pitted against anybody before? They’ve always been off in their own little world, doing their own little thing. But what if that thing suddenly put them up against the Avengers? I think that would be pretty neat, and would make a nice sequel to Avengers vs. X-Men. This tiny group of blue-clad rebels against the might of the Avengers!

5. Emma Frost vs. Storm

In great X-Men rivalries, both Cyclops and Wolverine are currently ‘dead’. I am very disappointed in the loss of Cyclops, but I’m dealing with that. We’ve got to move on and embrace other X-leaders, and pit them against one another! Storm is taking the lead in some comics, and Emma Frost needs to come back in a big way. Let’s have another Schism, this one based on powerful X-Women. These two have been ready to snipe at each other for a long time!

4. Green Arrow vs. Flash

Right now, these two guys are the stars of some of the best superhero TV shows. They are the bedrock of DC’s entire TV lineup. They should be two of the highest profile characters at DC, but they still remain in their respective ruts. They still remain B-List superheroes meandering in their own solo comics. So why not do something big and huge and pit them against each other? A team up would be too easy. Find something to drive them apart and get some real character development out of it.

3. Black Panther vs. Hulk

One is the king of an entire country, the other is a monster who could destroy an entire country, and both are soon-to-be big players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s give them a spotlight. It would paint a pretty ugly picture if the Hulk destroyed Wakanda, but he went pretty nuts on an African city in Age of Ultron, so why not go for it? Set the Hulk loose, make him a mindless beast, and set the world’s ultimate hunter and his entire country after Hulk. Turn all of Africa into the hunting grounds for a continent-wide brawl between brains and brawn!

2. Superman vs. The Green Lantern Corps

Superman is definitely a good guy, so I’m not sure why he would take on the entire Green Lantern Corps. But considering they’re space cops, and he’s the last survivor of the alien planet Krypton, I think this fight should be a no-brainer. Superman fights Batman all the time, he should fight other Justice Leaguers from time to time. Pit his strength and power against the collective willpower of the universe, and you should have a pretty great duel. Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Earth, could definitely lead the fight against Superman, but I’d like to see the whole Corps get involved (with maybe Sinestro as some kind of wildcard?).

1. Spider-Man vs. Captain Marvel

Peter Parker and Carol Danvers is one of my ideal comic book ‘ships. They were rather cute together when they went on a couple dates in her black swimsuit days, but Marvel decided not to make them a thing. Now she’s one of the premiere superheroes in the world, and he’s an international man of mystery. No time for romance…so it’s the perfect time for fisticuffs! I don’t know what would bring them to blows, but seeing the high and mighty Captain Marvel pitted against the low and scrappy Spider-Man would be pretty neat. Both have their strong convictions, both could have feelings for each other, and both would go down to the mat to really bring home the quality.


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  1. I love Black Panther vs. Hulk. Because we’ve seen Wolverine vs. Hulk plenty of times. Black Panther is super capable. Actually I think Black Panther vs. Daredevil would be a fight to see. Daredevil beat Wolverine, so by the transitive property of superheroes, Daredevil can beat the Hulk. So now Daredevil needs to fight Black Panther. And the winner of that can go fight Batman.

    I also think the Fantastic Four would make very good underdogs against other superheroes. But maybe not the Avengers…though the current Avengers sorta work. Iron Man vs. Mr. Fantastic is appropriate. I don’t know about the rest.

    Also Ghost Rider vs. the Avengers would be nice. I can’t for the life of me think of a reason why they would fight. But I have a theory that the Penance Stare doesn’t work on Cap. Well…not on current Cap. Captain America has been through the moral ringer since Civil War. Maybe it wouldn’t work on 80’s Cap or even post-9/11 Cap. But it would destroy Iron Man.

    Maybe they need a Blackest Night but for Marvel. I forget what Blackest Night ended up really being about, but I do remember it taking the DC roster to task for dying and coming back to life so often. So Ghost Rider finally does his job and reclaims souls for the devil. And he has to get all the souls of all the heroes who died and came back. Which at this point might be all of them. Also, I think there is some thematic overlap between Ghost Rider and Valkyrie. Aren’t Valkyries supposed escort souls to Valhalla? They should team up, like that movie R.I.P.D. Could you imagine Ghost Rider and Valkyrie coming up to Spider-Man and being like “Hey you’re supposed to be dead. You need to come with one of us. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

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