Spider-Man Has Arrived in the New Captain America: Civil War Trailer!

And the trailer itself is pretty awesome too!

I was personally hoping that Marvel wouldn’t reveal the new Spider-Man ahead of Captain America: Civil War, but they had to do something to take attention away from the Batman Battle movie. And this is a fun way to do it! The trailer itself is all about the movie, laying out the stakes as plainly and as cleanly as possible. Nobody should be confused as to what this ‘civil war’ is about. Then throwing Spider-Man into a post-trailer teaser is just a neat little way. Marvel knows the baggage that a movie Spider-Man has, and hopefully this will be the start of cleaning him up.

Movie looks great! Bring it on, already!


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  1. I hope that the film brings out the motives for Iron Man’s decision, mainly the debacle at the beginning of the book, that way we are well and truly torn between the sides.

    i dont at all like spiderman’s entrance in the trailer, nor did i like the line/voice. however, trailers are not representative of the movie. I hope his role is also as in the book.

    • I don’t think Iron Man’s position has ever been hard to figure out. They actually spell it out quite nicely in the trailer. Plus, he created Ultron, and Ultron destroyed Sokovia. I imagine Iron Man is definitely in favor of oversight.

      I kind of liked Spider-Man’s line. I felt he was nervous. Spider-Man is usually boisterous, but that’s the adult Spider-Man, who has been in the Marvel Universe for years. This is teenage Spider-Man’s first time meeting all these adult superheroes, who were clearly his inspiration for dressing up in a costume and being ‘Spider-Man’. So he’s nervous and a little shy, hence the subdued line. I’m sure he’ll open up once the action starts.

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