6 DC Superhero Games That Rocksteady Should Work On Next

Finally, at long last, I’ve played and beaten Batman: Arkham Knight. I made the decision to abandon video game consoles with the new generation and focus all my attention on PC and Steam…only for Arkham Knight to receive a PC adaptation that was so bad that Warner Bros. took it off the shelves and offered everyone a full refund, no questions asked. That’s about as bad as things can get.

But then I went and splurged on a new, high-end computer last Fall. And when I decided to take the plunge a few weeks ago and see how Arkham Knight held up on my machine, the game ran perfectly. You couldn’t even tell there’d ever been a problem.

He was the most obvious one…

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been kicking bad guy butt, hunting down the Scarecrow, and finally living that great, glorious dream that all my console friends had already experienced. I enjoyed the game well enough. The story wasn’t the best and I felt too many parts were ‘on rails’, where the game just pointed you in the direction they wanted and gave you the button prompt to enact the next little thing they put in front of you. And there were far too many gadgets and combos to keep track of in the otherwise stellar fighting sequences.

But overall, I enjoyed the game, like I’ve enjoyed all the Arkham series. Those games could very well be the high water mark of all superhero games. Now, Arkham developer Rocksteady is done with Batman, so they say, which means they’re free to move on to a new franchise.

And surely Rocksteady and DC aren’t about to give up on superhero games just yet!

6. Robin

Best part of Arkham Knight!

I’m only human, people. As many readers know, I’m a huge Robin fan, and I loved what little bits we got from the Boy Wonder in the Arkham games (and was furious that he didn’t appear at all in Arkham Asylum). Robin (all Robins, actually) had an expanded role in Arkham Knight, and I loved it! So for Rocksteady’s next game, why not make one about Robin? Why not continue the story and figure out how Tim Drake moves on from Batman’s legacy. Does he take up the cowl himself? Does he turn Robin into Gotham’s new protector? If all the criminals know that Batman is gone and exposed, surely someone’s going to attack the city hard. All the game mechanics and designs could stay relatively the same. You’d just make Robin the star…which, yeah, I know…I’m gasping at straws here. There’s no way this will happen.

But I want it to, so very very badly…

5. Superman

I just want to fly!

Superman is an obvious choice for Rocksteady’s next follow up. Just like Batman, Supes has a history of bad games in his repertoire. And just like the Arkham games did for Batman, Superman could stand to have something huge and awesome backing him up these days. The Arkham games have spun off into comics and toys and so much more. Superman could use that push. He could use that increased profile. Let Superman be the talk of the town for once. DC and Warner Bros. would love that.

And it wouldn’t be too difficult to make either. Batman had a wealth of gadgets that Rocksteady incorporated into their fighting, and Superman has his various super-powers, like ice breath and heat vision. Batman spent most of the Arkham games gliding around Gotham City on his cape. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to turn that into regular flying, right? Of course, right.

4. Joker

Top hats and rocket launchers!

As much as I might want a Robin game, you know Rocksteady and Batman fans everywhere would rather have a Joker game. Using the same framework, and perhaps even the same universe, Rocksteady could send the Joker through all manner of insane fun. Give him weapons, maybe a Jokermobile, and they could really push the envelope. Of course, this game hinges entirely on whether or not they could get Mark Hamill back to do the voice. Once that’s in place, I’m sure everything else would be easy.

3. Green Lantern

Never forget…

There’s a reason why we should all be curious where Rocksteady goes next: Can they repeat the Arkham magic with another franchise? Do you remember how innovative Arkham Asylum was back when it first came out? I can still remember getting my first taste of the new ‘free flow’ combat system, and gushing about it to friends and fellow gamers. Arkham Asylum was unlike anything else we’d ever seen before, and it was about Batman, so that made it a million times better.

I would love  to see Rocksteady come up with the next big innovate gameplay element and apply it to the Green Lantern Corps. The worlds of Batman and Green Lantern couldn’t be further apart, so it would be a complete departure for Rocksteady. But I think we can all agree that they’ve worked up enough good faith at this point.

I have no idea what the innovation would be. But somehow, they could create a GL game that fully incorporates the rings, the constructs, the space travel, the aliens, and it would be amazing. Green Lantern is hardly a name brand out there in the world, but if anybody could revolutionize gaming once again, it’s Rocksteady.

2. Justice League

Remember this game? Of course you don’t

Why settle for just one hero when we could have them all? Take everything they built with Batman, the same game engine, the same gameplay, and just add some more heroes. Figure out how to make the same system work for the likes of Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern and everybody else all at once. Then toss us around the universe, from the Watchtower to Apokolips to Gotham City. Do more team-ups, more gadgets, more super-powers. Switch from character to character. Throw in some real, otherworldly villains. Just…just go crazy with it!

1. Wonder Woman

This: The Game

Honestly, all the previous entries on this list were just for kicks and giggles (except Robin!). If Rocksteady is going to stay in the DC superhero game, then they need to make the greatest Wonder Woman game of all time. They need to do for Wonder Woman what the Arkham games did for Batman. They need to create this epic, sprawling, brawling, badass video game that turns Wonder Woman into the glorious combination of Lara Croft, Kratos, Geralt of Rivia and Nathan Drake.

Wonder Woman, not Superman, is the one with a new movie coming out soon. Wonder Woman doesn’t fly or have strange super powers, which might be hard to turn into a game. Wonder Woman is just an awesome warrior, with lasso, sword and shield. She could travel from Themyscira to a Mount Olympus to Hades to a big city throughout the course of one game. She could be larger than life in ways the Arkham games could only dream of.

Wonder Woman has everything you could want in a video game. From street level superheroics to god level action. She’s got unique and interesting weapons. She’s got a new movie coming out. And she doesn’t have a history of terrible games behind her. She’s brand new to the world of games, and now is her time to shine.


Who would you like to see next in video games? Rocksteady has to go somewhere, and they’ve built up a reputation unlike nearly anyone else in gaming. Who could they revolutionize next?



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