6 TV Shows I Want to See Revived

The new X-Files revival kicked off this past weekend to mild reviews, and the two episodes were OK. The Heroes revival has come and gone, and won’t be getting a second season. Fuller House continues to loom on the horizon, an implied threat to everything we hold dear. Suffice to say, revivals of recent, popular TV shows with all or some of their original casts are all the rage these days.

What old, memorable shows would I like to see revived?

Strap in, friends

I love TV. I’ve been watching it since I was a little boy. I devoured all the glorious 1980s cartoons/glorified toy commercials, I watched TGIF with my family every Friday night, I grew up on the Golden Age of The Simpsons, and I graduated to smarter, better fare in college. I avoided reality TV like the plague, and now I’m enjoying all the great prestige TV that has erupted this decade.

But there are definitely shows out there I’d love to see come back. Join me after the jump for my ideas!

6. Firefly

“I’ve been under fire before. Well … I’ve been in a fire. Actually, I was fired. I can handle myself.”

Firefly is one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and I think we all know this. Even though it had a truncated season more than a decade ago, which was aired out of order, Firefly remains incredibly popular to this day. Fans still talk about the glory days. The actors are still popular guests at comic and pop culture conventions. This is a show that defines cult classic, in part because it was cut off at the knees when it should have soared.

Firefly is amazing television. It has a glorious ensemble, all of whom have moments to shine over the course of their few short episodes. The humor is spot on. The action is rough, tumble and very personal. The whole concept, and each individual episode plots, are all highly imaginative. The first time I watched Firefly, which was after buying the DVDs, it was the only time I’ve watched a show and felt actual sorrow that there wouldn’t be any more. Firefly needs to come back.

5. Firefly

“You can learn all the math in the ‘Verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don’t love, she’ll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds.”

Seriously, why isn’t the Firefly revival already announced? How the hell does the world even organize this whole TV show revival concept and not include Firefly in the lineup? Where did this even come from? I know that movies sometimes come back after several years, but TV shows? With the original casts returning? X-Files, Full House, Arrested Development, Heroes, Twin Peaks, Boy Meets World; the list goes on. How did this even start? And why wasn’t Firefly first on the list? This whole concept is tailor made to be what finally brings Firefly back to our TV screens!

4. Firefly

“She understands. She doesn’t comprehend.”

There has to be someone at Netflix whose sole job is arranging a Firefly revival. Day in and day out, that person has to be on the phone to call the actors’ agents and Joss Whedon himself to make this happen. It’s the sort of news that would break the Internet. This is exactly the sort of thing Netflix became an entertainment powerhouse to do! They’re bringing back Full freakin’ House, they can bring back Firefly!

3. Firefly

“The use of a s-what?”

All of the actors would be on board, right? What are they doing otherwise? Nathan Fillion is still starring on Castle, but who the hell cares about Castle? He and Alan Tudyk started that Con Man web series specifically because they’re such pals and get so much attention at Comic-Cons. Morena Baccarin is starring in Gotham, but that’s not a big deal, right? And I suppose she’s in the new Deadpool movie too, but come on! This is a Firefly reunion, people! Make time in your damn schedules! Or maybe Inara would only make a couple of appearances. There are ways to make this work.

And c’mon, Joss Whedon’s got the time, right? What better way to do something small and personal after Age of Ultron than revive Firefly for a 6 episode mini-series or something.

2. Carnivale

The Depression was a terrible, but fascinating era in American history

I loved Carnivale on HBO. It was insane and stupendous, with a mythology that really sank its teeth into you. The imagery was unlike anything else on TV. Set at a traveling carnival in the Dust Bowl, it told the story of an avatar of good facing off against an avatar of evil. It was rich material, with fun characters, great moments; and it was cut down after only two seasons. The creators had six seasons planned, even if it’s hard to imagine what else they might have in mind for Carnivale. But they could just pick right back up where they left off. Maybe let a year or two pass in the show itself, and let’s see where they can really take it!

1. Firefly

“I am to misbehave.”

All y’all shouldn’t even be surprised at this point. It’s the only choice that makes any sense. You can’t bring back Freaks and Geeks, because all of those actors are big time Hollywood stars now, and they definitely can’t play high schoolers anymore. But the premise of Firefly would fit perfectly with checking in on the crew of the Serenity 10 years later. You know that Mal would still be flying, and I’m sure he’d still have most of the crew with him. Or at the very least, they could come up with a reason to get everybody back together in the first episode.

If Han Solo can return to the Millennium Falcon, then Malcolm Reynolds can return to Serenity.



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  1. This is gold. It just so happens that I started watching Firefly about a month ago and I’m now on the last episode (i’ve been taking it slow).

  2. You know there are only two shows here, right? One of them I haven’t seen and the other doesn’t really deserve a revival. Or maybe it does, because as it is it’s way too popular for what it was, and more of it might actually make it a story worth worshipping.
    I expected to find Firefly, because everyone seems to love it for some reason, and five other shows, not Firefly and one other thing. You also forgot to honorable mention Firefly while you were at it.
    What makes Firefly, from its less-than-full single season great enough to deserve such popularity? I liked it, but throughout my multiple viewings just for the purpose of trying to see why people love it I could never find anything amazing in it.

    • There should have only been one show on this list! No other show deserves to be brought back as much as Firefly! And it’s too bad you didn’t enjoy it as much as everybody else. It’s great. The ensemble works so well together, and each member gets to shine. The dialogue is witty and fun. The stories are unique and interesting. The world is something special. There’s a lot to love about Firefly.

      I also highly recommend the two seasons of Carnivale. That’s a damn good show too.

  3. 6. Firefly – Though I worry as the crew gets older, do they just make River do all the work while Mal, Zoe, and Jayne sit on the ship playing cards. Oh and Zoe has a kid who’d be like 11 now or something. I bet he’d be hilarious.

    5. Scrubs – I’m probably in the minority, but I think the last season of Scrubs was pretty good. If Zach Braff stuck around and played up the teacher angle a little more the show would have worked. The world just needs more J.D. and Turk.

    4. Clerks – Maybe you should make another list about Cartoon shows that need a revival, because I feel like there are a lot. Clerks was a good movie. And I liked Clerks 2. I’d be down for a Clerks 3. But the cartoon show, man….it was something else. They took the fact that they could do anything and just ran with it. Two lovable slackers getting into impossibly wacky hijinks while Jay and Silent Bob light fireworks and provide commentary. And Lando…good ol’ Lando.

    3. Avatar: the Last Air Bender – I own the comics and I’ve never read them. I don’t really want to. I want a TV show about Aang and the crew building a new world together. Political intrigue, balance of technology and spirituality, raising babies (apparently Aang was a crappy dad. I’d love to see more of that). Also while we’re at it, Legend of Korra too. Korrasami in the Spirit World is obviously a show that needs making and watching. (Although admittedly I think I’d prefer a sequel set another 100 years in the future. Actually I had an awesome idea for doing an Avatar series set way in the future when people have forgotten how to bend and a new Avatar is born without any fanfare. The new Avatar doesn’t even realize he’s an Avatar until he’s a middle-aged adult. And when he tries to bring bending back into the world, the people become frightened of him and he gets killed in the avatar state, forever ending the regeneration cycle. I call it “The Last Avatar” of course. Tell Nickelodeon to send me money.)

    2. LOST – I really want the adventures of Hurley turning the Island into something important and really helping people. And he’d have Ben Linus with him. Person of Interest is ending soon, so he’s gonna need work.

    1. Clone High – I see what you were going for with your list here. And it’s great. But had you actually given it some thought, you would have put Clone High on it. God this show was ahead of its time. It was created by the guy who made Scrubs and the guys who made the LEGO Movie. It stars Will Forte who is literally in everything now. It was a perfect show that got the axe way way too soon.

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