My 6 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

A new year is here, and with it comes a new spattering of pop culture to love and hopefully enjoy! All my favorite TV shows are coming back eventually (most of them this month!). And comics are looking as exciting as ever. Not too many video games on my list this year, but we’ll see how things turn out.

Mostly though, I’m looking forward to movies! This is gonna be a great year!

The artifacts of our culture

As we all know, we’re smack dab in the middle (or the beginning) of the next superhero movie insanity roller coaster. We know that 2017 is going to be insane with movies. But this year is boasting some solid entries as well. So to ease us into 2016, I wanted to run down the six movies I’m most looking forward to this year. Hopefully they live up to my excitement.

6. Ghostbusters – July 15

She wouldn’t call me

Originally I had Star Wars: Rogue One as this entry, because I’m looking forward to the fighter pilot film. But honestly, the glut of upcoming Star Wars movies don’t have me that excited. Sue me. What I’m really excited about is the new Ghostbusters and their all-female cast. I’m excited to see if they can pull off a quality comedy, considering the franchise. I hope they can. I hope the movie is hilarious and fun and can usher in a new age of Ghostbusters love. And if they ever make a LEGO model of the new Ecto-1 with the female Ghostbusters, you’re darn right I’ll buy that too!

5. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – March 25

Happy? We’re all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.

Of all the superhero movies coming out this year, the one I’m least interested in is X-Men: Apocalypse. I’m sure I’ll go see it opening weekend, but I don’t really are about the X-Men movies anymore. Can you blame me? But I’m not made of stone, so I’m definitely eager to see a movie pitting Batman against Superman. I didn’t care for Man of Steel at all, so I’m not exactly expecting a great film this time around. But it’s Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman appearing on screen together. It could be awesome. I hope.

4. Deadpool – Feb. 12

For some reason, I picked the least provocative movie poster

It’s kind of exciting that we’re only weeks away from the Deadpool movie coming out. This is the Little Engine That Could! Talks of a Deadpool movie stretch all the way back to when the X-Men films were just coming out, as was the rumor that Ryan Reynolds was attached for the role. Heck, they already went and made an X-Men movie with Reynolds playing Wade Wilson (not Deadpool)! But come hell or high water, all the pieces came together and Ryan Reynolds’ hard-R Deadpool movie will be coming out in February! The trailers look pretty good, even if I’m not a big Deadpool fan. So I’m eager to see if they pull this off and if Deadpool resonates with mainstream audiences.

3. Doctor Strange – Nov. 4

Rocking the popped collar

Marvel has yet to let me down. I loved Age of Ultron and Ant-Man last year, so I say bring on other new and interesting characters! I wish Black Panther and Captain Marvel were coming out this year, but I’ll settle for Doctor Strange. Those first pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in costume were great, and I’m confident that everybody is going to pull off a great movie. This one is going to be cool!

2. Captain America: Civil War – May 6

I think I’m team Cap

This one is going to be great. I have no doubts, no hang-ups and no fears whatsoever. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was amazing, and there’s no reason the Russo Bros. can’t bring the awesomeness again. The trailer was amazing, the feels are powerful already, and I just know this one is going to be aces. This is in the early runnings for best movie of the year. Plus, I’m dying to see Ant-Man interact with the Avengers. That’s going to be a special treat.

1. Warcraft – June 10

For the Horde!

This is the big one. Out of all the movies coming out in 2016, I’m most excited about Warcraft and what it could bring to cinema. The Warcraft franchise is in my blood, people. Almost my whole family played those games religiously back when they first came out, and I still follow the World of Warcraft lore to this day (while battling a sometimes crippling World of Warcraft addiction). These stories of orcs and elves and humans shaped some of my first creative writing. And most importantly, the movie looks damn good! They aren’t scrimping on the special effects or the story or the lore. They’re going all out to make the best possible Warcraft movie, and I have to believe they’re going to pull this off. I can’t flippin’ wait!


What movies are you most looking forward to in 2016? Should I have put X-Men or Star Wars on my list? Let me know in the comments!



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