My 6 Favorite Things of 2015

And so we bid goodbye to another year. Overall, I think 2015 was good to me. I went to England, the first time I’ve been out of the country. I had a successful Kickstarter and self-published my first comic book, Gamer Girl & Vixen. I bought a new high-end computer. I got two new winter coats. Life is pretty good, all things considered.

So let’s engage in that great Internet tradition of counting down all the best pop culture of the year!

It was a year

What was my favorite movie of the year? My favorite comic book or TV show? Did I buy any good action figures this year? I know for a fact that I didn’t hear any new or interesting music in 2015, because I’m a square. But we definitely had a lot of fun stuff! From Age of Ultron to The Force Awakens, what did 2015 have in store?

And please share your own favorites in the comments!

6. Trailer: Captain America: Civil War

I’m still excited about the next Marvel movie. I enjoyed Age of Ultron and Ant-Man in 2015, even if they weren’t mind-blowing. And seeing the first trailer for the next Captain America movie was more than enough to remind this fan that the next film should be damn good. The action and excitement, the introduction of Black Panther, and most importantly, that instantly epic line from a bruised and battered Tony Stark, “So was I.” That’s the kind of emotional resonance you can put into your trailers when you’ve crafted such a beloved franchise.

Runner-Up: Warcraft.

We know that Civil War is going to be good, and DC has a bunch of solid movies coming out, but I think my most-anticipated film of 2016 is Warcraft. I’m an old school fan from way back, and I still battle an on/off World of Warcraft addiction. So I’m dying to see if they can pull it off. The trailer looks amazing, the details look on point, and it’s clear that nobody is half-assing this movie. But can they pull it off? I’m dying to find out!

5. LEGO: Doctor Who

I love LEGOs. I loved them when I was a kid, I love them now that I’m adult and can actually afford some awesome LEGO sets. This might seem childish, and I’m not saying it isn’t, but everybody has weird hobbies. LEGO building is like model building. It’s calm, with a sense of pride, plus with LEGO, I’m celebrating my favorite pop culture. I splurged on a few sets this year, and the best one (released in 2015, at least), was the new Doctor Who LEGO! I got to build not just the TARDIS, but also the console, a couple of Daleks, and mini-figures of both Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor. It was a lot of fun, and the LEGO TARDIS looks great on my shelf.

Runner-Up: Ant-Man

Not only does the Ant-Man LEGO set come with pretty sweet and detailed mini-figs of both Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket, but the set itself has you building Antony the flying ant! I got to build a LEGO ant! And if that wasn’t cool enough, you also get to build LEGO pieces out of LEGO, to simulate shrinking down to the size of a LEGO piece. Now that’s clever.

4. Video Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This year was a rather special one in video gaming, because this was the year I splurged on a new, high-end computer and could finally play real, first-run video games again. I immediately dove into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, one of the deepest, richest, most exciting and downright fun games I’ve played in a long time. I was lost in this game for nearly a month straight, riding from one quest to the next, slaying monster after monster, finding every piece of legendary armor; The Witcher 3 has it all. You’d be hard pressed to find a more well-thought-out fantasy setting, more interesting and unique characters, and better video game combat and monster fighting.

Runner-Up: Fallout 4

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas were both incredibly fun games, so it was equally fun to jump back into the same play style, the same world, with Fallout 4. I’m still deep in the Commonwealth on my second play through by the time you’re reading this, and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. The game play is great, the role-playing is still top notch, and I love building my character and her home base too!

Also, it should be noted that this list could have been very different if Batman: Arkham Knight hadn’t been garbage on PC. I still have yet to play it.

3. TV Show: Bojack Horseman

Who could have guessed that Bojack Horseman, Netflix’s first original cartoon, would be so good? I had no idea going in, but season 2 this year was nigh transcendent in its drama and humor. Bojack Horseman is just such a smart, twisted show, grounded in more humanity than one might expect from a cartoon about animal people living in Hollywoo. But the pathos, the self-destruction, and the wit all come together to produce one gripping cartoon. I was hooked more so than nearly any other TV show this year.

Runner-Up: Steven Universe

I was torn between putting Bojack Horseman or Steven Universe as the best show of the year. Both are wonderful cartoons full of fascinating characters, and both can really grip you when they’re good. But Bojack, with its short run and solid release schedule wins out over Steven Universe, which has nearly 100 short episodes released sporadically throughout the year. Steven Universe is damn good, with wonderful highs and heart-breaking lows. Add on a mythology that just gets more and more fascinating, a very strong use of female characters and gender politics, and an all around lovable good time, and Steven Universe is just delightful.

2. Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road

I went and saw Mad Max: Fury Road on a whim this summer, and I am so very glad I did. I never watched any of the trailers, didn’t read any of the articles about director George Miller’s use of practical effects, and I’ve barely seen any Mad Max movies in my life. But the very positive word of mouth put me in the theater, and Mad Max: Fury Road was an intense roller coaster of excitement, energy, quotable-lines and fascinating characters. This was an action movie on another level, infused with more adrenaline and vim than any other movie this year. Mad Max: Fury Road is great cinema, an adventure that will be remembered and quoted for ages to come.

Runner-Up: Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s kind of hard to even remember that the Avengers sequel came out this year. It’s been so long. But I enjoyed Age of Ultron, even if it wasn’t as groundbreaking as the first Avengers film. It was enjoyable, in part because I’m already such a huge Marvel superheroes fan. It has its faults, but nothing that breaks the movie for me. It’s just good, and fun, and that’s what I like. And I’m definitely still excited for Captain America: Civil War next year.

1. Comic: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

I had high hopes for Unbeatable Squirrel Girl when it was first announced, but I had no idea how much fun it would be! Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is, hands down, the funniest comic book I have ever read. Every page, every panel, is filled with wit, charm and humor, thanks to writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson. Whether its Loki transforming his head into Cat Thor to the crime-fighting power of Squirrel Man, this book is genius.

Runner-Up: Ms. Marvel

I’m so glad that Kamala Khan is still having adventures as we enter 2016. New comics are always a hard sell, but this wonderful title by writer G. Willow Wilson continues to make fans, spread a solid message of diversity and tolerance, and tell entertaining adventures. Things got a little rocky this year with the Secret Wars interruption, but Ms. Marvel is already back and better than ever! This is a book where ‘people first’ is in full effect, and I love it.


What were your favorites in TV, movies, video games, comics and more? Let me know in the comments!



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