Starbrand and Nightmask are Getting an Ongoing Series, Hopefully for the Fun of It

Some of you out there in comic book land might have fond memories of the New Universe. Back in the 1980s, Marvel attempted to try out a brand new set of superheroes, named the New Universe, with heroes like Starbrand, Nightmask and a few others. It didn’t last very long. The New Universe characters have bounced around the multiverse ever since, until very recently, when writer Jonathan Hickman tied these two characters specifically into his ongoing Avengers saga.

Hickman introduced the Starbrand and Nightmask of the 616 Universe, and now the pair will be getting their own ongoing series by writer Greg Weisman and artistĀ Dominike “Domo” Stanton.

No doubt we can expect hijinks

Based on that cover, one has to think that the duo are going to have some fun in their series!

Me personally, I might pick it up, because I kind of like Hickman’s Starbrand. I could care less about the whole New Universe nonsense, but the idea Hickman had that the ‘star brand’ is a super power created by each individual universe as a defense mechanism is pretty cool, and I liked the character’s introduction in Hickman’s Avengers.

I have no idea what the ongoing series will be like, or if it’ll be any good, or if it’ll last. But like I said, I might just be curious enough to check it out!

And you can check out an interview with Weisman on Comic Book Resources.



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