6 Things That Will Bring me Back to World of Warcraft

I’m a World of Warcraft addict, and admitting I have a problem is the first step. Fortunately, I’ve been on the wagon for awhile now — but that could change tomorrow, when Blizzard announces the next expansion! Considering the last expansion — Warlords of Draenor — was kind of a bust, and that Warcraft has a huge movie coming out next summer, this new expansion could be a pretty big deal.

Especially since the latest numbers have them bleeding subscribers!

But will it be enough to bring me back into the fold? I avoided Warlords like the plague, and most of the discussion I see online has been negative. So Blizzard has a lot of good will they need to make up. Will they go all out with a huge expansion with new characters, lands and tons of content? Will they pop out a quickie expansion that ties into the movie? The game is still going strong after 10 years, but the players didn’t seem to like Warlords, so Blizzard has their work cut out for them.

But I’m only concerned about myself, and I’m not a player who cares about end-game content like raids or PvP Join me after the jump for a bit of speculation on the new expansion, and six new additions to the game that would probably convince me to re-enlist!

World of Warcraft is more than 10 years old at this point, and there are still millions of people playing. But WoW isn’t really a game for newbies anymore. Those majority of those millions of people have been around for years, and they devour the end-game content like massive raids and player vs. player combat. But not me. I don’t care about that stuff. I don’t think I’ve been on a single raid in my entire off/on WoW career. The expansion will no doubt feature new raids and battlegrounds, but that won’t be nearly enough to bring me back.

So what do I want from World of Warcraft going forward?

6. Go Free-to-Play

Haven’t they made enough money yet?

Let’s get the easy one out of the way: make World of Warcraft free and I’ll probably never leave. Since the very beginning, World of Warcraft has cost a $15-a-month subscription to play. Blizzard has made billions of dollars off of these, and they’ve never changed that model. Most MMOs since have gone free-to-play, making their money on micro-transactions within the game. But Blizzard still expects players to pay, and they definitely do. There have been some times in my life where I could afford that kind of money, but not recently

But in honor of the new movie coming out, if World of Warcraft went completely free-to-play, you better believe I’d be back in Azeroth before the day was out!

5. New class

Blood elves probably do make the best bards

Like I said above, I don’t care about new dungeons or raids or any of that other stuff. I like playing by myself and just experiencing the game (it helps that all of my friends stopped playing years ago). I have nearly a dozen characters across all races and classes, and most of them are pretty fun — but it also means I’ve played all of the opening levels a dozen or so times already. It gets boring!

So one of the new things Blizzard can give us is a new class. I’ve played warriors, priests, shamans, mages, rogues, paladins and more. The last new class was the monk class a few years ago, and that was a blast. But there were no new classes in Warlords, so we’re due something new and exciting. I have no idea what it could be…but I would play the hell out of a bard class, just saying.

Rumors are circulating about some kind of ‘shadow hunter’ hero class, similar to the death knight hero class introduced a few years ago. But I’m not a fan of this idea. I just don’t give a hoot about shadow hunters or demon hunters or whatever else this class signifies. Still, I have been looking for something to do with my troll character…

4. Easier Transmogrification

Some of us need a helping hand

One of the best, most addictive parts of World of Warcraft is getting new armor and gear and equipping your character. Like all good role-playing video games, WoW instantly translates every stitch of armor into a visible feature on your character; a must for any really good game. But problems arise when you end up mixing and matching a bright green piece of chest armor with ugly pink gloves and sea-green bell bottoms! WoW solved this problem by introducing ‘Transmogrifiction’, which would allow you to change the appearance of a piece of armor into a different piece of armor. You could still wear the best, strongest armor in the game, and now you could make it look like any other armor you could get your hands on.

‘Get your hands on’ being the key words, because you had to go out and get the armor you wanted to put your desired look together, and I’m just no good at that. There are people out there who have crafted some truly glorious ‘transmog’ outfits, but I don’t raid or PvP, and I’m just terrible at fashion sense. I’d love to give my characters the absolute perfect look, but I’m just too unschooled and undisciplined to really do it.

Also, it’d be nice if Blizzard implemented the aesthetic trinkets they’ve talked about in the past. That would be neat.

3. Alt Character Interactivity

One big, happy, dungeon-crawling family!

You’re allowed to create multiple characters in World of Warcraft, and like I said, I have a few of them myself — but these characters never interact. You can send them money and armor from your more powerful characters, but they can never meet or hang out or team up. Which is fine, I guess. But wouldn’t it be great if there was some system where your alternate characters (“alts”) could interact?

This should have been a feature in the Garrison addition to Warlords. WoW gave every player this awesome, personalized fortress, and filled it with NPCs and followers and everything else you might need in your own personal town. Unfortunately, as the game went on, Garrisons became more of a chore for people than anything else, and they cut players off from other players, leaving them alone in their personalized garrison doing chores. It was a good idea, but it didn’t end up working out very well.

So if Blizzard wants to try again, perhaps with a personal ‘home’ in your race’s capital city, I say they should read your account and bring in your alts as the new NPCs and followers. Then you could send your alts on side quests and have them gain XP while you’re focused on your main character. You could talk to your alts, take pictures with them and basically turn them into one big, happy family!

2. Kul Tiras

Yes, I know this is a picture of Theramore

Kul Tiras is one of the last great lore locations left to uncover in World of Warcraft. Kul Tiras was first introduced all the way back in Warcraft 2, before WoW was even a twinkle in anybody’s eye. It was an island city-state that supplied war ships to the Alliance. It’s also the home of one of the game’s major characters, Jaina Proudmoore. But for some reason, Kul Tiras has never been a part of World of Warcraft. One assumes it is being saved for a really awesome expansion, and now might be the perfect time for its debut!

I am also looking forward to the Tomb of Sageras, but considering how important the tomb is to the lore, it’s probably going to be a major raid.

1. New Races

This! A million times, this!

This is the big one for me, the one thing I care about most with every new expansion: will we be getting any new races? For some reason, this is often my favorite part about playing World of Warcraft. I have always loved create-a-character modes in all video games, and there’s just something magical about role-playing in the Warcraft universe. If I’m going back to Azeroth, I want a new race to enjoy the experience.

Usually I’m disappointed with new races. Who the heck thought werewolves were a good idea? Though the last new race, the pandaren, were the one race I was waiting for since the initial launch of WoW, so that was a real treat.

There are no rumors of any new races yet, which is a pretty sad sign considering we’re only a day away from the announcement. But I’ve got my fingers crossed for ogres and naga. I would whole-heartedly dive back into WoW if I could create a new ogre warrior or naga mage. A naga shadow hunter would be beyond badass!

So let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that tomorrow’s announcement really delivers!



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  1. Things that would make me come back to WoW:
    Absolutely nothing, just give me ‘Warcraft 4″ already Blizzard!

    • I don’t know if I can ever go back to the RTS version of the game…maybe if I could bring my WoW characters with me!

      • The world is lacking in RTSs at the moment, haven’t played a good one in years, such a great genre is being ignored and Blizzard surely can afford taking a small part of that montain of gold they have to produce one.

        They could even tie it with the next expansion, WoW for the small conflicts, raids and strike missions meanwhile W4 would be for the all out war campaigns, each one implied on the other, maybe they could connect it and have your character mentioned by name in the campaign.

      • I’m thinking our WoW characters could be used as Hero units in a new RTS! That would be beyond stunning. Maybe some kind of interactivity between WoW and W4, the two running parallel. That would be insane!

        Also, speaking of RTSs, have you ever played the Dawn of War franchise from Warhammer? That’s my go-to RTS experience, has been for years.

      • I have, they are great games, I specially liked the RPG integrations with the second one, but I always found their campaigns to be pretty lackluster and that’s half the reason I play videogames. Which is a shame because I always found it’s “Fantasy in space” setting to be pretty damn interesting, is different enough from outright sci-fi or space-opera that when done right it can be outright refreshing.

  2. I would go back to WoW if they introduced an actual single-player mode. I know anyone can play WoW and just ignore everyone else around them. But when you find some elite boss that recommends 5 people to kill him, the solo players loses out. So maybe if they had AI NPC mercenaries that could even it out. But A solo player should be able to go into any raid, by themselves, win, and still be a reasonable level to gain decent experience.

    Basically if they made WoW into Diablo, I’d probably play again.

    (Conversely, if they allowed you to do a lot more stuff in Diablo that they let you do in WoW, I’d probably go back to playing Diablo too.)

  3. I fell away from WoW from ’10 to the end of ’13, then came back to catch up on the couple expansions that i missed. I was pretty upset at the changes to talent system and what not, and it keeps getting worse in terms of restricting certain skills/spells to certain specializations. I remember the days when my hunter had tons of different arrow shots, now he has like 3 or 4, and that kinda sucks. But i guess i can understand them wanting to dumb it down and streamline it or whatever. But still, f@#! them. Anyway, i still play, I have fun soloing old raids to get transmog gear and mount drops, and i still like leveling new toons cause theres quite i few classes i haven’t really tried yet.

    As for things i’d like to see, well, for one thing, i’d like more than 11 toons per server. There’s only one server all my friends play on, and i’ve pretty much maxed out my toon limit on there, so if i want to level a new toon, i’ll have to go elsewhere. (yes i know 11 is actually a lot, but leveling is so easy now, you can get a toon to level 60 in like a couple days if you’re dedicated.) Also, like you mentioned, i’d like a player home in the capital cities. I’d love to have an apartment in Iron Forge. And you’re idea of alt interaction is a good one too.

    Can’t say i would mind a new hero class, it is about time for one after all. But i don’t know if i would want that in place of a new regular class. I’d have to think about that.

    • I have a separate server for my Alliance characters and one for my Horde characters, which happened purely at random. But its a useful way to stay within the 11 character limit for me!

      I don’t really know if there’s any Hero class I’d really like. I have yet to actually play a Death Knight, though I did create one. He’s just literally sitting in my queue at level –.

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