First Official Look at Apocalypse is Underwhelming and Blue

That great bastion of superhero reveals, Entertainment Weekly, has launched their cover piece on X-Men: Apocalypse, revealing the first official look at the titular villain. He’s big, he’s blue, but he’s also…underwhelming. Apocalypse has always been largely defined by his looks, especially that blue-lipped mug of his. But they’ve apparently decided to forgo those iconic lips for a normal, ordinary face.

I curse the god of Photoshop!

Magneto and Psylocke look pretty awesome, but Apoclaypse looks like a dude who doesn’t want to be in that picture.

Where’s the epic chin? Where’s the power and demeanor? What makes this guy so special? Ah, whatever, it’ll probably still be a good movie.

And if you want to see and learn more, you can check out this article in Entertainment Weekly for some plot info, and click here for some other hi-def pics. I’m only slightly disappointed that Multiple Man isn’t going to be in this one. He’ll get his due one of these days.

Oh, and I’ve posted the full magazine cover after the jump!

Of course that was the pun they used…



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  1. See, to me, the image mostly shows how ridiculous Psylocke’s “classic” costume was. It looked stupid in the comics, and it looks even more stupid in live-action.

    I don’t think Apocalypse looks too bad there. Giving him the big mouth would’ve made him look silly, and less menacing.

    • Depends on how they’d do the big mouth. I’ve seen some photoshopped edits around the Interwebs that look pretty neat. And you’re probably definitely right about Psylocke, but man, there’s no way the movie studio was going to pass up on putting Olivia Munn in that outfit!

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