6 Things I Want to See on the Supergirl TV Show

I’m excited for the new Supergirl show. Honestly, at this point, I’ll probably be excited for any new superhero show! We’re living in a day and age when superhero shows are amazing. Did you see Daredevil?! So even though Supergirl (or Superman, for that matter), has never been one of my favorite comic book characters, I’m definitely going to watch when her show debuts on CBS in October.

Not like I have anything better to do

And like most superhero TV shows or movies, I have some suggestions. For reasons that I don’t quite understand, Hollywood has yet to hire me to run any of these superhero shows or bring Multiple Man to the small screen. I just don’t get it. But that’s not going to stop me from putting together a wish list for Supergirl. Join me after the jump to find out what I want from the upcoming show!

Feel free to share your own hopes, dreams and fears about Supergirl in the comments.

6. Yes, I want that crossover dagnabbit!

This one! Right here!

I’m not sure if the final, definitive nail has been hammered into the coffin, but it doesn’t sound like Supergirl is going to crossover with Arrow or The Flash anytime soon. Those are two great shows that clearly paved the way for Supergirl to even exist, and they’re all being produced by the same guy. A crossover should be a no-brainer — but nope! Apparently the executives at CBS don’t believe in money. Or maybe they’re saving the crossover in case ratings see a slump, or until it would be as good as it could be. I don’t know, but it needs to happen. Now is the time for crossovers!

5. This one too

Just, ALL the crossovers, okay?

I suppose I’d be OK with Superman showing up on Supergirl. They hinted at him in the teaser trailer, but would only refer to him as Supergirl’s “cousin”. Obviously DC and Warner Bros. have always been prickly about having their most famous characters appear on multiple media at once — likely because they’re idiots — but at least they’re acknowledging that Superman exists here. That’s a plus. Maybe they’re saving him until Sweeps Week.

Is Sweeps Week still a thing?

4. Comic book villains

Me am not want Bizarro Supergirl!

The Flash revealed that TV can handle straight-from-the-comic super-villains. TV can handle big, amazing special effects. TV can bring Gorilla freakin’ Grodd to life! So there’s no reason why Supergirl can’t fight actual comic book villains. How ridiculous would it be if she only got to fight thugs and henchmen? Or people with guns? Supergirl needs somebody she can punch, and, if need be, snap the neck of. Once CBS gets a hang of the super-powered special effects, they need to bring in some real threats and put Supergirl into some real knockdown, drag-out slobber-knockers!

Personally, I’d like to see Parasite, Genocide, Brainiac, Grail, Metallo, and definitely Bizarro Supergirl. We gotta have a legit Bizarro episode or two.

3. A non-traditional romance

Resist his charms!

Based on the trailer, there are at least two romantic leads: an oddly studly Jimmy Olsen, and a nebbish, ‘best guy friend’ co-worker who probably has a secret crush on Kara, and who looks more like comic book Jimmy Olsen. Either one could be the romantic lead for Supergirl…and I kind of don’t want either of them to be it. Romance is usually an important part of these superhero shows, but a cliche and predictable romance isn’t going to help anyone. The expected romances in the first seasons of The Flash and Arrow were both dead in the water. CBS should do something different with Supergirl. I don’t think she has any comic book love interests — unless you count Brainiac 5, who lives in the year 3000 — so the writers should maybe try different things and find out what the fans like. Oliver was never supposed to get with Felicity, but look how much fun that has been.

2. Merchandise!

This doesn’t look like it should be that hard!

There is a big push these days for more female superhero merchandise. Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Gamora have all been left out of most of the toys and merchandise for their respective movies, and that’s only one example. With Supergirl, there’s a big chance for change. Looking over all of Marvel and DC’s output since the start of the superhero boom, Supergirl is the first filmed entertainment to star a female superhero. She could lead the charge for Supergirl action figures, clothing, backpacks and whatever else people make these days! There have always been Supergirl Halloween costumes, but now they can be better than just a Superman knock-off. Stores and licensing companies should embrace Supergirl as a legit star and put her mug on mugs…and a bunch of other merchandise.

1. A second season

Up, up, and away!

As the first real show/movie to star a female superhero, would it be too much to ask that Supergirl be a success? Could it not suck, please? It’s not on The CW, so it won’t have the power of Arrow and The Flash behind it, but surely CBS can do an acceptable job, right? Can’t they make a good show? Being a comic book show is no guaranteed for success — farewell Constantine — but this is Supergirl. She may be a derivative character, but she’s a derivative of the most famous superhero of all time. Surely CBS isn’t going to spend as much as they are on special effects in the hopes that this show tanks. And surely if Gotham can come back for a second season, Supergirl can be good enough to be a hit.

Plus the longer it’s on the air, the better chance we have for those crossovers!



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