A Major Peek at the New Marvel Universe!

Marvel Comics is on the verge of a pretty big shakeup this Fall, and they’ve started seriously laying out the fundamentals of their New MU. We saw the lineup of the All-New, All-Different Avengers a few months back. Well now Marvel is putting out character posters to give us all a glimpse of what else they have in store. We’ve got a couple of surprises, a few confirmed rumors, and just some already nifty stuff.

If Marvel posts any more of these today, I’ll update and add.

As I’ve said before, I’m too old and too progressive to get worked up at every little change to comic book characters anymore. I see a lot of strange things here – like the Thing joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the two Wolverines – but none of it bothers me. Instead, I’m excited to see where Marvel is going with all of this. Plus, I really like the fact that X-23 is going to step up and become the new Wolverine (alongside Old Man Logan, for some reason). That should actually be pretty neat. And I’m definitely in favor of Scott Lang’s Ant-Man rising to even more prominence.

Plus Doctor Strange has that awesome battle ax, so that can only mean good things. Hopefully it’ll be in the movie!

What do you henchies think of these teasers? Good? Bad? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Waaait, so not only are they bringing in Miles, Gwen is coming along too?? Gwen, who’s story is completely focued on her drama with her dad/Peter’s death? Gwen, who’s supporting case is in a completely different place in the main Marvel universe? Gwen, who’s too freaking interesting to be one of many spiders running around??? (How many do we have by now, like 4? God, Silk is so unnecessary).

    The 2 wolverine thing is kinda confusing, hopefully X-23 will stuck around with the younger generation instead of getting stuck into the clusterfuck that is the adult X-,

  2. I like that Red Wolf is going to get some use. Outside of the X-franchise, Native American characters don’t get much use. I’m a fan of diversity, so I’m in favour of Red Wolf sticking around, even if it will likely be in an 1872 ongoing.

    Laura as Wolverine makes sense – she was always the most logical choice.

    Jackrabbit: Whether Silk is necessary or not, her book is way better than Spider-Gwen’s. Silk’s book is great. Spider-Gwen is just kinda OK.

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