The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Finally Gets Official Release

I was waiting for this all day: the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has finally, officially been released by DC Comics and Warner Bros. I watched the crappy leaked trailer last night, like everybody else, but I didn’t want to post the crappy version. I knew the big wigs would eventually relent and release the full trailer. It was only a matter of time – though I wish they’d done it much earlier in the day. But nonetheless, check out the full, official, quality trailer.

And despair.

Seriously, wow, this is a grim movie trailer. And I don’t think I like it – though I definitely like the HD version better than the crappy cell phone version that leaked the other night. Clarity does make for a better movie trailer.

And by all means, if you love the trailer, more power to you. I’m not saying it can’t be loved, but so far, it’s just not for me. It’s dark, joyless and exactly the sort of ‘extreme’ that I was afraid might happen. I didn’t like Man of Steel, and not because Superman was out of character or because of the wanton destruction. I didn’t care about that. I didn’t like Man of Steel because it was a poorly made movie. But I kept my hopes up for Batman v. Superman. Heck, I still kind of have my hopes up. You better believe I’m going to see it opening night. And Batman looks pretty damn awesome in this HD trailer.

But after the utter joyful euphoria of the Age of Ultron and Ant-Man trailers, after the glee of The Force Awakens trailer, this Batman v. Superman movie could stand to lighten up a little bit.


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  1. Man, this really looks like garbage. At least there was a bit of Neil Degrasse Tyson in the beginning. I was willing to give Batfleck a chance, but honestly . . . he just looks like an actor in a Batman suit, you know? It’s not about the muscles. He doesn’t look smart enough to be Batman. Set aside that this is clearly going to be the moodiest, most obnoxious, least likable version of Batman they can come up with.

    I just . . . gah, these are my two favorite characters in fiction, period. It fucking kills me that I don’t care about this movie anywhere near as much as I should. I mean, I’m not going to say I don’t care at all, but considering that I should be freaking out, this sucks.

    • I hear ya, man! We should have been as excited by this trailer as we were for seeing Han and Chewie come back. We should have been as excited as seeing Ant-Man’s shrinking powers! Instead, the first meeting of Batman and Superman in film is a dark, angry, violent encounter where Batman asks if Superman bleeds.

      Obviously I’m not saying this should be the Super Friends, but there was no reason DC and Warner Bros. needed to put out this trailer right now. They couldn’t have waited until they had some more footage of the two characters actually doing something together?

      • I thought the ‘V’ in BatmanVSuperman stood for versus, is that not right? It was that thinking that shaped my opinion of the trailer, and their first meeting. It made sense to me, if they were gonna face off, that their first meet wasn’t going to be under chummy circumstances. I was certainly surprised by the dark, moodiness of the trailer, and i suppose they could have lightened the mood to increase anticipation. But if that’s going to be the prevalent atmosphere for the show, then i guess i’m glad they didn’t try to blindside me by making the trailer more upbeat. Something tells me though, that by the time WW, Aquaman and whatever other heroes show up, the mood might be lighter. Hopefully.

      • No way, Aquaman and Wonder Woman look just as dark. And I think it’s safe to assume – though again, I’m just guessing – that we’re going to get the classic superhero meeting where they start out as enemies and end up as allies to fight a real bad guy. So the ‘versus’ is temporary…unless they’re going to be enemies throughout this whole franchise.

  2. I guess it’s hard or me not to see WB’s DCmovies as the emo kid sitting broodily on the balcony under the rain and drinking it up.

    Now I am positively pessimistic about the future of Wonder Woman.

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