The 6 Best Comic Book Attorneys

I’m in the mood for some courtroom drama! As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m deep in the heart of an intense murder trial, covering it as part of my day job as a mild-mannered newspaper reporter. The last time I had a trial and a List of Six collide, I wrote about 6 Superheroes Put on Trial. This time, I’ve decided to take a look at superhero attorneys!


Unless you’re Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, every superhero needs a day job. Both Clark Kent and myself are mild-mannered reporters. Spider-Man is a freelance photographer. D-Man is a hobo. The list goes on and on. Several comic book heroes (and even some villains) are lawyers! They fight for justice in the courtroom during the day, then fight for justice on the streets at night. Sounds like a pretty solid comic book premise to me.

Join me after the jump for the six best comic book lawyers!

6. Foggy Nelson


He doesn’t have super-powers, but Foggy Nelson is one heck of a lawyer. As one half of Nelson & Murdoch, Foggy has seen his fair share of crazy antics both in and out of the courtroom. He’s been beaten up, he’s beaten up bad guys, he’s been fake killed, he’s been in witness protection; the law this guy practices most is Muphy’s Law. But at least he’s damn good at his job, whether it be lawyer or costume-less sidekick.

5. Shadowhawk

Move to strike!

Unlike other heroes on this list, Paul Johnstone didn’t become a violent superhero until after he lost his job as a district attorney in Image Comics. Johnstone was attacked by gang members and injected with AIDS-infected blood, because that was a big fear in the 90s. This lead to him  losing his job and declaring vengeance on criminal scum. Fortunately, Johnstone had a friend with a super-powered armored suit he could wear, and the rest is history. For a superhero in the 90s, having AIDS was pretty progressive, and he might have done a lot of good for representation.

4. Two-Face

Order in the court!

He may rely on the flip of a coin for justice now, but Two-Face was once a prominent District Attorney in Gotham City. Elected by the people to dispense courtroom justice, Dent put criminals away and teamed with Batman to bring down such no-goodniks as Carmine Falcone! We all believed in Harvey Dent, right? But a simple splash of acid on his face, and suddenly the guy is a murderous, two-faced monster! Still, some of Two-Face’s best stories have put him back inside the courtroom. Remember that episode of Batman: The Animated Series where they put the Dark Knight on trial? That was a blast.

3. Manhunter


Not all district attorneys are psychopaths. Kate Spencer was a federal prosecutor who grew sick and tired of seeing supervillains skate free. So when the murderous cannibal Copperhead – of all people – escaped custody and killed two guards, Kate stole a punch of gear from an evidence locker and became the Manhunter, a but-kicking, law-violating superhero! She didn’t tell anybody it was her, though, so they let her keep her job as an attorney. She had that kid to support, after all.

2. She-Hulk

Oh wait, I already did that one

Single female lawyer! Fighting for her clients! Wearing sexy miniskirts and being self-reliant! That pretty much sums up She-Hulk. Oh, except that she’s also green and has the strength of the Hulk! That makes for a pretty stellar combination. All of She-Hulk’s comics have focused on her as a defense attorney for a few years now, with her latest series, by Charles Soule, a true gem – so of course it was cancelled prematurely. Nonetheless, Jennifer Walters will forever stand up for truth, justice and punching!

1. Daredevil

Order in the…darnit!

If you need somebody to represent you in the Marvel Universe, you turn to Daredevil, the other half of Nelson & Murdoch. Daredevil has the law rushing through his veins. He’s battled as many prosecutors as he has supervillains. Raised from an early age to focus on his studies, Matt Murdoch has dedicated himself to doing what he can to help people, even if that involves red spandex. He’s the ultimate attorney turned superhero, one who is probably breaking more than a few ethics codes when he goes crime-fighting at night. But somebody’s gotta take down Stilt-Man – and then take him to court!



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