Agent Carter Has It Rough

How’s everybody liking Agent Carter? I’ve only seen the first two episodes so far, and they were pretty neat. I like the character, for sure, and Haley Atwell is just top notch. I think it’ll make a nice little diversion between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

And, of course, we can always count on Only Leigh to be awesome! I love her animations, I love her voice, I love her geekery; she’s quality Internet!


About Sean Ian Mills

Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. *Haley Atwell

  2. I liked the first season well enough, though it didn’t live up to expectations. Though for the second season I want them to bring in Obediah Strain from the first Iron Man. He and Howard Stark were supposed to be friends. It would be nice to see them show his gradual descent into madness.

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