I’m Making a Comic – Gamer Girl & Vixen

Today is a momentous day, dear readers! It’s time to share with you something I’ve been working on for the past several months, something I’m rather proud of and excited about! Something to finally make me put my money where my mouth is!

I’m making my own comic book!

For three years, I’ve slaved away on this geeky comic book blog, talking about comics, reviewing comics, poking fun at comics; well now it’s time to throw my hat in the ring. I’ve teamed up with my friend and fellow writer Kristi McDowell to publish our own independent comic book.

We’re calling it Gamer Girl & Vixen!

The cover of the dazzling first issue!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It looks like we’re just going to pump out another superhero comic in a world over-stuffed with superhero comics, professional, independent or otherwise. But I’d like to think you guys and gals know me better than that. And I hope you remember my #1 rule about writing comics: people first, superheroes second.

Gamer Girl & Vixen is a supervillain lesbian love story. My friends and I are not just churning out another boring superhero book. We want to be different. We want to be unique. Gamer Girl & Vixen is a mature love story for modern audiences, where two potential lovers realize they can only be themselves in the capes and costumes world of heroes and villains.

With some trouble along the way, of course!

Gamer Girl & Vixen is a fun, exciting and hopefully adorable comic that will touch upon issues of acceptance, friendship, love, shenanigans, and the complexity of relationships. It’s also going to feature some awesome superhero action and more than a little felony burglary.

This is a project that is very near and dear to my heart. I’ve always wanted to write comic books, and now I’m finally getting off my butt and making my own. Maybe publishers will notice it and maybe they won’t. All I know for sure is that it’s been a lot of fun so far, and I’m bursting with joy to finally share this with you.

Please join me after the jump if you’d like to find out more!

Like I said above, Gamer Girl & Vixen is a supervillain lesbian love story. We’re writing a romance comic about a couple of costumed burglars who find each other and quickly (and dangerously) fall in love. It’s an LGBTQ-friendly relationship because we feel that there isn’t enough of that kind of romance in fiction, even in comics. Sure, Marvel went ahead and had Northstar marry his boyfriend, but that was the last time you’ve heard from Northstar, right?

We may just be a couple of independent writers, but everybody starts out as an independent, and we believe in the story we want to tell. We’re writing the sort of comic we love to read. Comics like Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, the new Batgirl and Lumberjanes have been taking the industry by storm, and I’ve loved each and every one. Well now I’m finally going to write one myself.

Let’s start with introductions.

This is Gamer Girl, the character I created. Her real name is Liz Jaczynski, an out and proud lesbian and video game fanatic who has developed a pair of gauntlets that allow her to create hard light hologram constructs. That she uses them to create classic video game weapons is just her way of being awesome. At the start of our comic, Liz has only recently created her superhero identity, but she spends all her time working on her equipment instead of getting out there and doing anything super.

The motivation to get off her butt and get into trouble comes from her new bestie and crush, Vixen, created by my friend Kristi.

Vixen is Bianca Crowley, the all-American girl who’s living the life of privilege at the prestigious Stowe University in Manhattan. She comes from a wealthy family, she’s a cheerleader, she’s joined a big party sorority and she’s dating a track star. But Bianca has more than a few secrets of her own. Her dad used to be a well-known thief, and she’s taken up the family trade.

She’s also gay, but don’t tell her mother. Bianca has spent her whole life in the closet to avoid the wrath of her domineering mother. That’s why her life looks so perfect: she’s making mom happy. But Bianca’s about to meet her first costumed adventurer, and she gets the idea to make a costume of her own.

Of course, the story isn’t just about the two of them. Once they begin their costumed crime wave together, Liz and Bianca have to contend with superheroes who want to beat them up, cops who want to arrest them, and everything that comes with college, from missing classes to getting their grades up. Both Liz and Bianca are also involved in their own relationships, which get very complicated now that they’re sneaking out at night to play super-criminals with each other!

Gamer Girl & Vixen is going to be a nice balance between relationship drama and costumed shenanigans.

The lovely art is courtesy of one Gemma Moody, a British artist we’ve adopted. You can check her out on Deviantart.

So where do you guys and gals come in? Well I’m hoping I can get your help in this process! Like I said, I’m going to do a few posts over the next month or so detailing the Making Comics process. I hope I’ve gotten you interested enough to keep reading, and hopefully you’ll also help spread the word by sharing this article and others on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the Internet. And any of you who are geek bloggers yourselves, I’d love to work out a quid pro quo situation where we can talk about each other’s projects on our blogs.

You can join the Gamer Girl & Vixen Facebook page.

You can follow us on Twitter.

Or check out our Tumblr page as the process moves along.

Everybody gets hugs!

The plan is to produce the first stand alone issue by February. That’s going to be our promotional kick. We’ll have it available digitally or in print to give to review websites and comic book media. Then we’re going to be launching our first Kickstarter early next year! I’ve never done a Kickstarter before, but I know that it’s a great place to raise money for independent comics. Our plan is to write out the first adventure as a graphic novel paperback. We’ll crowd-fund that tpb and hopefully Kristi, Gemma and I can shop it around at comic book conventions, retailers, Diamond, and other publishers next year. We’re going to self-publish under the label of Joycat Comics!

But, of course, in order to have a successful Kickstarter, we’ve got to start spreading the word! That’s why you’re hearing about this now. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince some of you guys and gals to help out when the time comes.

This is our dream project. And for me personally, I’m so excited to be finally getting up off my butt to make my own comics. I’ve got a ton of ideas, and Gamer Girl & Vixen is the start I need!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Or for anything else, we’ve got those social media sites up and running, and I can always be reached at Our creative team is available for podcasts or blog interviews or anything else one might  want! I hope I have whet your appetites enough! This is going to be a very fun ride!

Ta-Ta for now!



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  1. Congratulations! I look forward to reading this! Best wishes in getting it out there. The art looks great and the story sounds intriguing to boot.

  2. This is amazing, Sean, I’m really happy for you! I’m a senior in high school and we seniors get to do a second semester project in place of a class on whatever we want. I am going to make my very own 20page comic book (superhero genre of course) for my project, so I’m very interested in hearing about your experience and process with Gamer Girl and Vixen.

    I’m starting to think that I also want to join the adorable female protagonist bandwagon for my comic. I’ve been taking your suggestions to check out the new Batgirl, Ms. Marvel, Bee and Puppycat (which is amazing btw), and I just read this outstanding web comic series called the Adventures of Superhero Girl. I want this quirky protagonist to be the voice of this generation. Good luck, I’m rooting for you!

    • Thanks! And I’ll be rooting for you too! I wish I’d started this years ago. It’s been so much fun so far. I hope you enjoy your project. If you ever want me to mention it on my blog, just let me know. Or feel free to give some updates whenever I write about my own comic.

      And I’ll have to check out the Adventures of Superhero Girl, that sounds right up my alley!

  3. Congratulations man, you deserve it, hope that everything works out for you, it looks pretty fun already and I can’t wait to read it!

    (Shameless plug: Also if you want to expand the demography I make translation jobs to spanish for a very low cost)

  4. Exciting news Sean! I look forward to reading the finished product!

  5. I’ll be sure to help out anyway I can.

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