Signs Remains My Favorite M. Night Shyamalan Movie

But let’s tear it apart anyway with Cinema Sins!

That was a good video, but honestly, is it really a sin when the movie is doing exactly what it’s meant to do? The whole point of the film is that all of these coincidences come together in the finale for victory, and foreshadowing these coincidences is what makes them work. Is it really a cinema sin to use foreshadowing in your film? Don’t we want things like foreshadowing in our movies?

Once upon a time, Signs was my favorite movie. I saw it in theaters with my brother and loved it! Though I haven’t watched it in probably a decade…

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  1. I think the problem is that the foreshadowing made no sense, I’m OK with coincidences but they must have a reason for happening in the first place, like why does the little girl has a bunch of water glasses? And did he really needed his wife’s last words being about how his brother can use a bat? And why the aliens decided to invade a world that is 75% toxic to them?

    Anyway, my favorite Shyamalan movie will always be “Unbreakable”, it was a deconstruction of the superhero movies before superhero movies were a big thing and still holds up today.

    • The point was that they didn’t make sense until you knew the context in which they were needed. It’s a bunch of weird coincidences that, against seemingly all logic, come together in the end to save the day. It’s a show of faith.

      • True, but there’s a difference between “I’m putting all this glasses with water all over the place because of X and that just coincidentally helped against the alien when it came (good writing)” vs “I’m putting all this glasses with water all over the place so that at the climax it will help against the alien (bad writing)”.

        Maybe it’s just me but when I see a character doing something that doesn’t make any sense but it just happened to help later feels really cheap, like if the author just didn’t bother, even a throwaway line like “I’m making an experiment” or “I like the way the water reflects light” or something would have helped.

  2. How is the water thing not explained? The girl has mysophobia (pathological fear of germs). It worked out that way so that there would be water in the room when it was needed to fend off the alien. Just like her brother having asthma was so that his lungs would be closed when the alien sprayed poison into his nasal passage.

    And Mel’s dead wife saying “Swing away” was because she was precognitive, just like the little girl.

    I … did you watch the movie, Javier, or read a plot summary? =P

    I usually love Cinema Sins, but this one was absolute shit. And I’m not even saying that just because this is one of my favorite movies. I’m saying it because this waste of 16 minutes of my time basically comes at every scene and every conversation simply for existing.

    • Wait, what? There were precogs in this movie?

      • Yeah, remember the little girl had a dream about what was going to happen to her brother, but she thought it meant he was going to die?

        Presumably, her mom had a vision of that same moment right before she died, and that’s why she told Graham to tell Merrill “Swing away.”

      • I don’t remember the dream (haven’t seen the movie in at least a decade), but that would be a cool explanation for the mom’s moment.

    • I haven’t seen Signs in years, so I’m sorry if I didn’t remember something like that.
      Strangely I do remember the asthma thing, no complain about that.
      But I’ll never let go of the fact that an alien race decided to conquer a planet where most of it is poison for them, that’s like us trying to settle in a place that has acid for oceans.
      And how does having water all over help with germs? I’m seriously asking, I don’t know any reason for that.

      Also, and correct me if I’m wrong again, another thing I didn’t like was the implication that the wife died so she could give that message, when is a rather simplistic thing, “Beat the shit out of the alien”, that’s seems like a waste.

      • The water didn’t help with the germs, the leftover glasses of water was because of the germphobia. She’d start drinking a glass and then come up with an irrational, germaphobe reason why she couldn’t finish it, and she’d just leave it lying around because she’s a kid.

        I always assumed the wife was only able to know/give the message because she’d been killed. Like the death empowered the cosmic forces to work through her. Granted, that’s a dick move for the cosmic forces, but such are cosmic forces.

        And maybe the alien race was so desperate for Earth’s resources that they figured they could stay away from water. If we desperately needed the lush resources of an alien planet, and there were oceans of acid, we would probably just land where we could avoid the acid and hope for the best. We wouldn’t give up on the whole planet, especially since lush planets are probably pretty rare.

        Perhaps the crop circle map was designed to direct their ships away from large bodies of water. They just didn’t realize that humans do a lot more with water than keep it in their oceans.

      • My problem with the mom scene was that the cosmic force was supposed to be God, or at least that was the way I interpreted it I might be wrong again, and that I’m supposed to feel great that he went back to the being a priest because God made it so that a driver fell asleep and kill her, which allowed her to see into the future and give the very important message that when they see that an alien weakness is water they should… beat him in a room full of glases of water, all of it just seems… wrong to me.

        And I’m sure that if they were planning to invade a planet they should have put some surveilance to spy or something, and even if they don’t know that we drink water surely they know that it rains out of the sky.

        And why were they naked? Surely some form of protection in a hostile enviroment was warranted.

        And what mineral resource do we have that is so important to them that it might risk invasion? I’m assuming is mineral because all of our vegetation needs water.

        Lets just agree to disagree, I don’t like discussing opinions, you like this movie and I don’t, different strokes for different folks.

      • I’m just surprised the lot of us managed to get such a thorough discussion out of the movie Signs on this random week in 2014!

        Definitely agree to disagree. 🙂

      • That is quite impressive when you think about it!

        Also, clarification on one other point: The resource the aliens had come for was apparently us.

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