Robin Watch: Has the New Robin Been Spoiled?!

The biggest break in Robin Watch may have hit the web this afternoon! DC Comics’ solicitations for January hit the web today, and it seems that DC isn’t going to hide the identity of the new Robin on the front cover of Batman and Robin #38! Because of that, writer Peter J. Tomasi took to Twitter and spoiled the reveal ahead of time!

This could be it! Today could be the day we discover our new Robin!

Pick me, Alfred! Pick me!

For spoiler purposes, I’ll post the picture after the jump. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t click over and don’t read DC’s solicitations today!

Tomasi had all of this to say today on Twitter.

Leading up to the cover of Batman and Robin #38!

And he’s…bulletproof?

It’s Damian! It seems that Batman is going to succeed in saving his son from Apokolips and will bring him back to life!

And the solicit for Batman and Robin #38 has this to say:

The team of Batman and Robin are together again! But what is the new dynamic for this crimefighting duo now that Damian has super powers of his own?

I’m…OK with Damian coming back (though I’m not too keen on him having super-powers. That defeats the damn point!). We always knew it was an option, it’s just not the choice I would have made. Why even kill Damian if you were just going to bring him back to life later? Why risk any Robin’s life in the future if resurrection is just one trip to Apokolips away? I dunno. I think I’m just bitter that Harper Row won’t become Robin. This is a step backwards for DC. With Damian dead, they had an opportunity to do something new and spectacular with the Robin mantle. They could have done something to really put its stamp on the New 52. But bringing Damian back will just put things back to the way they were.

That’s disappointing…but not too bad. Damian had grown on me, and maybe he’ll be a better character this time around. What do you henchies think? Had you wanted somebody else in the role? Or are you happy that Damian is back?


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  1. I like Damian, I really do, but damn i really wanted something new, something fresh. I wasn’t looking for anyone in particular to become Robin but bringing Damian back just seems cheap

  2. I’m really disappointed with this. Damian is my least favorite Robin and I do not like the idea of him coming back one bit. Also, what you said: why bother killing him? What was the point of that storyline?

  3. Well, as a critical reader I agree this is a cheap move, and having a super-bat really goes against the Batman theme and atmosphere.
    As a fan I admit I am too happy to see Damian again to be to bothered. I just enjoyed his dynamics with the rest of the family so much, and I think he has interesting potential as a character. Plus, killing Bruce son just made him too grim, let the guy catch a break sometime.

    • I’ll admit I warmed up to Damian over the years. My problem has always been that I’m a bigger fan of Robin than any individual kid under the mask. And for me, Damian was always Damian first, Robin second. He just never fit the right dynamic in my head – that being said, Damian and Dick Grayson made an amazing team!

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