6 Other Potential TV Crossovers

In a television event that is almost as historic as the final episode of M*A*S*H, The Simpsons crossed over with Family Guy this past weekend, creating a relatively mild episode for both shows. I liked it, in the same way I generally like any new episode of The Simpsons or Family Guy. I will always be a fan of both shows, but I think we’ve all settled into a general state of mediocre acceptance. Still, whoever though it would happen, right?

I would have loved this when I was 15

Although actually, I’m kind of wondering why it doesn’t happen more often! Crossovers are the bee’s knees, I tell ya! Why aren’t there more of them? Like Freddy vs. Jason, Aliens vs. Predator, that time The Critic guest-starred on The Simpsons, or when the Ninja Turtles met the Power Rangers; it’s all gold! If it was up to me, we’d have even more of them. I know there are different networks and contracts and executives in the way, but I’m the sort of man who daydreams of a perfect utopia of entertainment.

So join me after the jump to see my six ideas for the most epic TV crossovers imaginable!

6. Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse

World’s greatest crime-fighters, kind of

Did you know there’s going to be a Danger Mouse reboot coming soon? That’s kind of neat. But where’s our Inspector Gadget reboot? How has Hollywood not cannibalized Inspector Gadget into a crappy, ‘hip’, new cartoon for the 21st century? Seems like something that would happen in this cynical world. But I have an even better idea! Bring them both back for the ultimate team-up of international cartoon detectives from the 1980s! I watched both cartoons religiously as a Young Sean, and I think they’d be pretty great together. Inspector Gadget already established that animals like his dog Brain can think and feel for themselves. Just take that a step further and you’ve got a team-up with Danger Mouse! Though I doubt either one would trust the other very much.

5. Voltron vs. Power Rangers

They’re not the same! Megazord doesn’t have a green one!

This fight is a long time coming, and we have all waited too long to see it happen. Voltron, one of the grand-daddies of giant robot battles (at least here in America), and the Power Rangers, the most successful show about giant robot battles (at least here in America), have never crossed paths as far as I know (at least not in any official capacity). I want to see Voltron, Defender of the Universe, go up against any number of Megazords or Dragonmegazords in a brawl-to-end-them-all! Obviously they’re both good guys, so the fight would be a big misunderstanding at first, but what a misunderstanding!

4. Rick & Morty and Community

I owe too much to Dan Harmon

Rick & Morty is the my favorite cartoon on TV right now, and easily one of my favorite shows. It’s bitingly funny and clever, starring the rudest protagonist on TV. There aren’t many places I’d want to put Rick, the crude, alcoholic mad scientist, but I think it might be hilarious if he somehow filled in as a substitute professor at Greendale Community College! Both Rick & Morty and Community are the brain-children of Dan Harmon, and Rick is the perfect sort of guy to take Jeff Winger down a few pegs. Plus I bet Morty would get along well with Troy, Abed and Annie! It’s not like Community hasn’t done cartoon episodes before.

3. Doctor Who and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This won’t be my most popular suggestion

By its very premise, Doctor Who is the kind of show that could crossover anywhere. Every single TV show in existence could exist at some special time and place for the Doctor and his companion to visit. So this was a hard crossover to choose, but considering today’s TV landscape, I think the Doctor popping into Agents of SHIELD would fit rather perfectly. The Agents are all about investigating strange and unusual people, and the Doctor definitely qualifies. On top of that, both shows are kind of quirky and a little campy, especially in the way they banter. I think the Doctor would be an interesting fit in Agents, he’s got a long history of dealing with (and not trusting) government agencies!

2. Smurfs vs. Snorks

They come in war!

If I had any skill in Flash animation, I would have made this cartoon years ago when I first had the idea. The Smurfs and the Snorks were both 80s cartoons about tiny little civilizations having wacky adventures, one clearly more popular than the other. Personally, I’m envisioning an epic war told in the style of a gritty movie. The Smurfs have the land, but the Snorks have the sea; the battle would be fierce. There would be losses on both sides, and forbidden romance. Brainy Smurf and Casey Kelp, anyone? And Papa Smurf would be this great, gnarled war chief, commanding the creatures of the forest into a fight for the fate of the world!

Three Oscars, at least.

1. Simpsons and Family Guy and American Dad and Cleveland Show and Capitol Critters

Drink it in

Don’t stop now, FOX! You know you want to keep going! The Simpsons and Family Guy was only the beginning! Bring on American Dad! Bring on the Cleveland Show! Send them to Washington DC so they can meet the Capitol Critters (remember them?)!! Have them all go to clown college! Or save the world in a battle against Hank Scorpio! Make some Star Wars jokes! FOX has crossed the Rubicon, people. There’s no going back now. We need crossovers upon crossovers upon crossovers! We may have just entered the most meta century that the universe has ever seen!

What about Fish Police? Do you remember them?


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  1. That was entertaining! I could totally see a few of those working in fun ways that you can only have with crossovers. I think putting Doctor Who in the Marvel universe would be endlessly amusing.

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