Trailer for the Final Season of Legend of Korra Hits Web, Fails to Impress

I can’t be the only one who hasn’t been all that impressed with the Legend of Korra, right? Every season has essentially been the same, and none of it has been all that great. It’s nowhere near the grand scale and majesty of The Last Airbender. Korra tries, don’t get me wrong, but meh.

Anyway, Nickelodeon is rushing out the final season online next week, and they’ve dropped a sizable trailer. I can’t say as how I’m all that impressed by the trailer, since it’s basically just a bunch of random people bending. The final season is set 3 years after the last one, so it’s also kind of hard to tell characters apart, since some of  the kids have grown into puberty. Which one is Korra and which one is Jinora? Also, stay until the very end for the reveal of a nice cameo.

Looks to me like metal-benders are going to be the new Big Bad of the season, and that’s my problem with Legend of Korra in a nutshell: every season is about some new evil person stepping up, and then Korra and her friends struggling all season until they finally pull out a win. The three seasons of The Last Airbender told one massive, epic story, that rightfully focused on he personal and spiritual growth of its characters until they were ready to save the world. Legend of Korra is all about Korra and her dumb friends chasing after a bad guy until the final episode, where she pulls out the win because that’s how this works. There’s been very little personal growth for any character over three seasons, let alone the world as a whole.

I’m gonna watch Season 4, no doubt, but more out of duty than an actual desire to see what happens.

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  1. I personally loved book 3, it wasn’t as good as TLA but it was still pretty good. I’m looking forward to the final book, hopefully they’ll continue it with a new avatar in a couple years but I severely doubt they will. I agree with you about the villains thing, but they only intended to do one book of Korea so they were kinda screwed when Nickelodeon dropped a bag of money on them to make more. And you are right about them all looking the same now they are older, I mean its only been 3 years, meaning Korea would be around 22 and jinora would be about 16. Why do they look so similar???

  2. I disagree, TLA had a war as backgroung with complete destruction and genocide if they lost, it’s really hard to top that with something even more important, season 2 tried and it was the weakest.
    I like that the scale is smaller, more personal, the consequences closer, and while I believe that the character development is not as big as with the gaang I wouldn’t call it non-existent, is there, just more subtle, again, a war causes different things on people.

  3. What a dumb article!

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