6 Things I Want For My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! That’s right, even we bloggers have birthdays, and mine is this weekend! I even have it off from work. How cool is that? Not that I plan on throwing a big party or anything. Maybe a movie with some friends, and a big, succulent, decadent chocolate cake. That’s good eats.

Resistance is futile!

In an effort to make me feel old, I’m going to willingly reveal to you fine readers that I’ll be turning 31. Some will say that 31 is a scary age…and they’re absolutely right! Jeez! I’m 31?! How did that happen?!

Ahem. Sorry about that. At least they say you’re only as old as you feel, and I don’t feel 31. I feel young enough to actually make a list of presents I want on my birthday! Join me after the jump for possibly my most selfish List of Six ever!

6. That Mountain Dew Transformer I mentioned that one time

Product placement at its best

Dispensor is a Transformer who appeared at the end of the first movie, created out of a Mountain Dew soda machine. He’s possibly my second favorite part of the entire quadrilogy – and then the world decided to make a real Dispensor action figure. Remember when I mentioned him that one time? When I saw the toy advertised, I realized that miracles can happen, and that life can be fair sometimes. He would make a fine addition to my Geek Wall.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD immediately

Although I’m pretty sure it’s still playing in theaters…

I know the movie only came out a month ago, but for my birthday, I want to be able to have a home viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy with all my friends and loved ones. I want the DVD in my hands, ready to play on a big screen TV. We could make some popcorn. Everybody could sit in big, relaxing seats. That would just be pretty darn awesome. So either somebody has to get in touch with Disney and produce said DVD, or someone needs to access time travel. Get to it!

4. LEGO Ecto -1 from Ghostbusters 

Pure, unadulterated joy

If I’m being completely honest, this set is probably the pinnacle of anything I could ever want from LEGO. Vehicle sets are my favorite LEGO models, and the Ghostbuster car is probably the greatest, most iconic pop culture vehicle of all time – and definitely one of the geekiest. And considering this model was made through the LEGO fan-submission contest makes this even more amazing. It’s as if the fan community came together and declared that this should exist, and LEGO answered. Plus it’s got all four Ghostbusters, including LEGO versions of their proton packs. How cool is that? Very cool. And yes, need I remind you, I’m turning 31.

3. Harper Row to become Robin

She’s adorable, and I can identify with her love of stealing cookies

I love Robin. Batman’s sidekick is one of my favorite superheroes, and by the end of the year, DC Comics has promised that there’s going to be a new Robin in Gotham City. The last one died, and now it’s time for someone new to step up and take his place. I have no idea what DC has planned, but for my birthday wish, I want the character Harper Row to step up and become the new Robin. She’s a supporting character in the comics, a smarmy, street-wise kid who helps Batman from time to time. She’d be perfect for Robin, if birthday miracles were a real thing.

2. Some kind of video game that combines Skyrim, Arkham City, Grand Theft Auto and Mass Effect

Two out of four ain’t a bad start

So I’m thinking Batman and Robin, plus my own create-a-superhero, kicking butt in a Grand Theft Auto-style Gotham City, with missions and quests as sprawling as Skyrim, and an RPG-style leveling system and storyline as epic and as important as Mass Effect. Fight scenes would be like in the Arkham games, with team-building and role-playing elements like Mass Effect and Skyrim. The Batmobile would be as accessible as the cars in GTA, and the cut scenes would be as good as World of Warcraft cinematics. It would be an inexpensive game, available for the X-Box 360, which I still own, and for Steam, which I use. And there would be a whole mess of co-op stuff, while also supporting a solid single-player game. That would be just about perfect. Maybe throw in a crossover with the X-Men.

1. New Multiple Man comic

Hear me out…

Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, is my all-time favorite comic book character – but he’s been absent from comics for the past year. The last time he was scene, Madrox and his wife retired to a nice farm in Kansas, which is as relaxing a send-off as a superhero could possibly get. But it means that my favorite character is completely missing out on the Marvel NOW! renaissance happening these days! Along with all of their popular movies, Marvel is currently in the middle of a creative boom, with great new titles, new artists, and new everything.

Just no new Multiple Man stories.

I guess Wolverine could be in it

I can picture it in my head: a fun, quirky Multiple Man series about him solving crimes and saving the day. The private detective angle could still work. Maybe he and his wife solve crimes down on the farm. Who broke into the chicken coop?! Was it the Wolf-Man?

Oh, and while were on the subject of birthday wishes, maybe Marvel would let me write it? I would totally be their best friend forever!


Those are the material possessions and metaphysical desires that I want most in the world, what about you guys and gals? If you could have one single thing in all the world for your birthday, what would it be? 


About Sean Ian Mills

Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. Happy Birthday \\(^_^)//

    I totally am in agreement with #1 on your list. I check your site in hopes to see a news update on Madrox making his return to the pages of Marvel.

    On a side note… With Marvel doing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. … And Fox wanting to follow in the success of Marvel with the X-Men…wouldn’t it be awesome if someone at fox got the bright ideati do an X-Factor: Investigation tv show to tie in to the X-Men movies … Idk maybe I am just being to hopeful.

    Well happy birthday again and hope your list of six come true.

    • My friend, you have no idea how often I’ve plotted out an X-Factor TV series in my head. It would be a thing of beauty!

      And you’re right to keep looking here for Madrox news! The second I get a whiff of something happening with him, it’s going up on this blog, even if I’m at work or out deep in the woods with little Internet service.

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