First Trailer for Legend of Korra Season 3!

Sadly, this is just a wordless teaser trailer, so we can’t much tell what the heck is going on…and there is surprisingly little Korra.

But who’s complaining? Bring on Season 3! Though if I’m being completely honest with myself and you, my loyal Internet readers, I’ve mostly been let down with Legend of Korra as a whole. It’s a fine show, I suppose, but it comes up lacking in probably every comparison to The Last Airbender. I’m also disappointed that the entire show isn’t more serialized. Each season is, sure, but Last Airbender was a three-season epic quest to save the world. In Legend of Korra, the bad guys politely wait their turn for each season.

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  1. Apparently there are going to be multiple bad guy and the writers add a really convenient excuse as to why we have never heard of them. Still looking forward to this season, hopefully it will be better than the last, which in all honesty, was very lacking. It will be interesting to see the different cultures of people learning air-bending.

    • More Airbenders is always cool…though I kind of liked the idea that only this group of siblings were Airbenders…and their dad, of course. But yeah, Spirits just wasn’t all that great. But then also, I’ve never particularly cared for the Spirit World part of the Avatar mythology.

      • The idea of the spirit world is kinda interesting but the driving point of the original series for me was the adventure and relations built throughout.

      • Exactly! The Spirit World is cool and all, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with elemental warriors and their political coups.

  2. Looks great. Hopefully it’s better than the rest of the series, which I think has been crap so far. Did I correctly see combustion man’s eye, or something darn close to it, on a woman? If so, that’s a neat idea.

    • Apparently you did see that! I didn’t notice myself, but others around the web have pointed it out. I did see Old Man Zuko though! It is way past time for the writers to tell some stories about the adult Last Airbender cast.

      • Yeah, adult Zuko’s a nice touch, but I don’t really like the idea that some old characters are still around. If anyone from the old series should be there, Aang should. Biologically, he was the youngest of them, and beyond that, he should’ve had a mystically augmented longevity. Also, seeing aged Sokka still trying to be comic relief would have been awesome.

      • Nothing ever said the Avatar got mystically augmented longevity, so I’m cool with Aang dying first. Katara is super old, and women usually outlive men, so it just makes sense. Plus Aang would be better served as a ghostly Obi-Wan figure than as someone Tenzin and his siblings could actually hang out with. Those characters are much improved now that their All-Mighty father isn’t around.

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