6 Monsters to Fight in the New Godzilla Franchise

I loved Godzilla movies when I was a kid. I know it’s kind of cliche, but it’s the absolute truth. I was never into the message or the themes, I just loved watching the Big Guy beat down on the likes of Hedorah the Smog Monster or the Sea Monster whose name I never learned. This stuff was the ultimate entertainment for little kids! And then there were movies where Godzilla teamed up with Mothra and Rodan, and those were my favorites because I love sidekicks. But Godzilla himself was always King of the Monsters.

Godzilla is and was just the coolest thing ever.

Suck it, Barkley!

So you better believe I’m excited about the new movie this weekend. Heck, I still kind of like that terrible Godzilla movie from the 90s! But the one thing that 90s movie didn’t have – and I’m pretty sure this new one does – is the idea of Godzilla fighting other monsters. Threatening humanity is all well and good, as are the lessons we can learn about nature and nuclear power, but we fans want to see Godzilla pitched in epic battle with evil monsters!

Godzilla is the biggest superhero of all time. And if this new movie leads to a whole franchise, here are my picks for six classic Godzilla beasties who should be brought back.

Honorable Mention: Jet Jaguar

That is one classy robot

Honestly, no, I don’t want Jet Jaguar to return. I mostly just wanted to remind everybody that Jet Jaguar existed, and he once teamed up with Godzilla to fight some evil alien monsters. This was a real thing in a real movie, and it was probably awesome at the time. Heck, it’s still kind of awesome now. I’m also pretty sure Jet Jaguar and Godzilla shook hands at one point…am I remembering that right?

While we’re on the subject: Godzilla reboot teams up with Power Rangers reboot for greatest movie of all time. Make it happen, Hollywood!

6. Rodan

You will believe a dinosaur kite can fly

I bet you didn’t know this, but Rodan is the rebel bad boy of the Godzilla world. Oh yeah, it’s true. Mothra was the goody two shoes hero monster. Rodan was kind of evil, and definitely started off as a bad guy. But in time, he started to team up with the Big G, though probably only reluctantly. Rodan was too cool for school. And he proved that not all giant monsters had to be humanoid.

Unfortunately, it looks like the new bad guy monsters in this new film are also fliers. So Rodan may have to wait awhile before he gets his slice of that sweet reboot pie.

5. Mechagodzilla

Speaking of classy robots…

Considering the size of the new Godzilla, a full recreation of Mechagodzilla is all but impossible! I think the new Godzilla is even bigger than the kaiju from Pacific Rim, and those robots were already pretty darn big. Still, who doesn’t love the fact that in order to fight Godzilla, the human built their own Robot Godzilla! And they fitted him with all manner of Inspector Gadget-esque weapons and gizmos. The whole idea is wonderfully silly.

So for a serious reboot, what if the Mechagodzillas were smaller? Maybe human-piloted mech suits. Or maybe oversized drones that the army sends in to fight Godzilla in future films. They wouldn’t be as cool as a full-sized, giant Mechagodzilla, but the humans need plots too, right? Technically?

4. Anguirus

He got the bum evolution of walking around on his knees

This pick is just fan service. Anguirus is my favorite Godzilla monster, because in some of the later movies, Godzilla and Anguirus were the best of pals! Remember that scene where the two of them actually held a conversation instead of just destroying Tokyo? Good times! Anguirus was never the toughest monster, and usually got his butt whooped, but he and Godzilla were BFFs, and would often team up to take on bigger, more dangerous monsters. I was totally into team-ups in my monster movies.

For future movies, Godzilla will need friends too, beyond just Bryan Cranston – at least I assume they’re going to be friends. And Anguirus as a giant, spike-shelled ankylosaurus monster is just an awesome visual.

3. Mothra

The only respect moths will ever get

I didn’t much care for Mothra when I was a kid, but then I was an idiot. As a grown up, I can appreciate the unique idea behind a giant, altruistic moth hanging out with Godzilla. Just like with Rodan, the geniuses behind Godzilla didn’t want just another guy staggering around in another dopey lizard costume. Mothra is a neat character, though I could probably do without those two tiny song girls who are always singing to him, even if their song was quite catchy.

I have no clue how the new franchise could make a rebooted, realistic Mothra, unless they just went all out and embraced the idea of a giant moth monster. If a giant Godzilla monster can exist, then so can a moth monster!

2. Gamera

Rocket Butt was totally a thing Gamera could do

We all know that Gamera is friend to all children, but what has he done for us lately? I have no idea where the rights to Gamera are, but that giant turtle monster is at least famous enough that some kind of guest or cameo appearance in a Godzilla movie might be a lot of fun! I’m fairly certain Gamera was the poor man’s Godzilla. The knock-off. The Go-Bots to Godzilla’s Transformers. Well if you’re looking for a new monster to bring into battle with Godzilla, why not give Gamera some time in the spotlight?

And just think of the adorable/horrible children subplots the movie could contain! Or maybe don’t. Stick with Heisenberg.

1. King Ghidorah

And sometimes he was a cyborg

Who else, baby? Who else could take on this new, giant-sized Godzilla than the baddest of the bad, the raddest of the rad, King Ghidorah himself? He was the biggest, baddest, most dangerous foe Godzilla ever faced. He’s also one of the only classic monsters who would be even more dynamic looking than Godzilla. He’s got three heads, people! Three of them! And while back in the day, those heads were dangled around on wires, they could be fully CGI this time around!

Godzilla vs. a giant, lightning-breathing, three-headed monster from outer space! With today’s modern sensibilities and CGI capabilities! Why have we gone so long without this in our lives? King Ghidorah needs to rise again, and the new Godzilla needs to be there to stand in his way. It’s where all of our CGI technology has been leading us.


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