6 Things I Want to See in Future Amazing Spider-Man Movies

Bring on the Amazing Spider-Man mega-franchise! Despite most of criticdom apparently hating The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and box office predictions less than ideal, this comic book geek was a big fan, and an even bigger fan of everything director Mark Webb and Sony Pictures seem to be doing with the Spidey franchise. I love the idea of Sinister Six and Venom movies. I love Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. And I’m especially enjoying the various villains and Easter Eggs popping up left and right.

Though the mystery about Peter’s dad should be dropped like a hot potato.

Why do we need anything more than ‘radioactive spider bite’?

After reading several reviews, I thought I wouldn’t like The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But just like my doubt with the first one, the actual movie blew me away. Garfield is just so great as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man that I can’t help but love the films. So if he sticks around for a few more, I can’t wait for Amazing Spider-Mans 3, 4 and 5! There are more than enough villains from the comics to use, and more than enough classic character elements to bring into the films to keep them rolling along. And clearly Webb and Sony aren’t afraid to write their own stories and twists to the character.

But if they’re running out of ideas, I have some of my own for them to use! Click the jump to see my suggestions for all future Amazing Spider-Man sequels!

Honorable Mention: Avengers crossover

Everybody likes money, right?

It’s not going to happen…but it could happen! Because I live in a world of infinite hope. Where all it takes is one friendly dinner between studio executives and the promise of a ton of money to get everybody to work together to make the greatest, most popular movie of all time. I have to believe that something like this is possible, even if I don’t particularly believe we live in a reasonable world. Besides, I don’t know about anybody else, but I really feel that the Amazing Spider-Man films could fit into the Avengers Movieverse. There’s a realism to the Garfield films that wasn’t present in the Sam Raimi trilogy, and that same sense of realism is shared by the Avengers films. I really think the two franchises would fit well together.

6. No more ‘Spider-Man No More’

Peter sucks at trash cans

We’ve seen this done to death already, so let it rest in peace, shall we? The idea of Peter Parker giving up on being Spider-Man was a major storyline from the original Spider-Man 2, and he even gave it up a little bit in Amazing Spider-Man 2. So how about in all future films, Peter as Spidey is a solid thing? Peter Parker is usually more than happy to be Spider-Man. He actually enjoys it. He’s not some dark, driven psychotic like Batman. Peter likes what he does. Sure there are times when it gets too much for him, and no doubt those sorts of times will be in future movies, but let’s keep the Spidey costume out of the trash can. There are only so many times a hero can doubt his identity before movie-goers begin to doubt whether his films are worth watching.

5. A quality video game

Where is my HD remix?!

How is it that Spider-Man video game technology peaked in 2004?

There have been some truly amazing Spider-Man video games over the past 10+ years, but the very best of them was Spider-Man 2 in 2004, itself a tie-in to the movie of the same name. That was the first game to really feature a fully 3D and explorable New York City. And the developers absolutely nailed web-swinging. You could turn on Spider-Man 2 and just spend your whole afternoon swinging through the streets of the Big Apple, and it was that damn fun. But every Spider-Man game since has messed with the web-swinging, and most of these games have been pretty crappy. Even the tie-in to Amazing Spider-Man 2 is supposed to be exceptionally crappy.

Why not take a page from the Batman games? The hugely successful Arkham series was derived from a failed attempt to make a game for The Dark Knight. Batman Begins got a game, but not The Dark Knight, nor The Dark Knight Rises, and that’s because Warner Bros. let the developers at Rocksteady take their time and produce the insanely good games in the Arkham series. So why not instead of churning out forced tie-in games for each movie, let some company make the perfect Spider-Man video game and release it separately from the films? It’s clearly working for Batman.

4. Spidey needs a friend

One of the few Marvel characters who wears a cape

Peter Parker needs some new friends – especially after this last movie. Aunt May alone does not make for a strong supporting cast. In fact, Spider-Man needs some friends too. He can’t be the only guy out there with super-powers who decides to become a good guy, right? Unfortunately, some of Spidey’s closest comic book friends, like the Human Torch, Iceman, Firestar or even Wolverine, are all tied up at other studios, so they’re never going to show up. But that’s not a problem when Spider-Man has friends in his own franchise!

I’m talking, of course, about the Prowler!

Hobie Brown was an inventor who’s work was stolen, so he turned to a life of crime using gadgets and a costume he developed himself. But Spider-Man stopped him and talked some sense into him, and Prowler and Spidey became pals! I think the Prowler could work in film…maybe if they used his Ultimate costume.

Much more chic

Prowler might not be able to carry a movie on his own, but he could be a subplot sidekick, like Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier or War Machine in the Iron Man movies…both of whom are also black sidekicks to white leading men. Huh. Weird. But still! Spider-Man could use an ally and the Prowler would be a great choice.

Or how about Phil Urich? How about an entire movie about the good guy Green Goblin?!

I know, I thought the idea was funny too

OK, so I’m really pushing it here, but Phil Urich’s story is perfect for his own movie, especially if Sony is desperate to expand the Spiderverse into more and more movies. Phil was a nobody intern at the Daily Bugle who stumbled upon one of Harry Osborn’s Green Goblin labs. Phil got juiced by the Goblin Serum and stole one of the costumes, then went out to be a comical, radical superhero, who had almost as much fun flying around on that glider as he did fighting crime. People are already familiar with the Green Goblin as a character. It wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to introduce somebody new as a heroic Goblin in a solo film, and then let Phil the Goblin show up in future Spidey movies as a wacky friend.

It could happen! I can dream!

3. Villains: Scorpion and Shocker

Get your mind out of the gutter

The Scorpion and the Shocker are my top two picks for future villains to show up in an Amazing Spider-Man sequel, and they could probably even show up in the same movie! The Shocker, especially, is perfect for a small role off to the side of the main action, like the Rhino in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Rhino wasn’t a main bad guy, and really only showed up at the start and at the end to expand Spidey’s world. That’s what the Shocker should be used for! Start the film with Spidey stopping a back robbery led by the Shocker, and just have Spidey put him away before the movie really gets started. The Shocker is perfect for a small role to beef up an action scene or two.

Whereas the Scorpion could be more badass, and considering they’ve used Lizard and Electro, I definitely think Scorpion could hold top billing.

Who doesn’t love scorpions?

The Scorpion is Mac Gargan, a private eye who was hired to be part of an experiment to create someone who was better and stronger than Spider-Man. But the experiment drove Gargan mad, and the evil Scorpion was born. That could easily work as a super-villain origin for the big screen. Add in that totally badass mechanical tail, equipped with some deadly poison, and a slithering, snake-like evil persona, and you’ve got a solid big screen villain on your hands. Give him some sympathy by being the victim of this experiment, and he could be a really well-rounded villain who looks totally awesome.

You could probably team Scorpion up with Smythe, who made a small cameo appearance in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Maybe Scorpion is a first-generation Spider Slayer, and by the end of the movie, Smythe is sending a whole army of robot slayers after Spider-Man. And maybe, in my wildest dreams, both Scorpion and Shocker could team up with Spidey to stop the out-of-control robot army from destroying the city!

Call me, Sony. I’ll have the script for you by Friday.

2. A serious J. Jonah Jameson

He’s fired up about journalism

There is no debating that J.K. Simmons gave an amazing performance as J. Jonah Jameson in the original Spider-Man films, so much so that I think everybody in the world would be OK with it if they simply brought him back to reprise the character in this new franchise. But I don’t think the goofy, over-the-top Jonah would fit into this new, more serious take on Spider-Man’s world. Some might argue that Jonah is meant to be goofy, and maybe he is, but Jonah Jameson can be a serious character as well. Just look at Ultimate Jameson. He’s dead serious about his dislike of Spider-Man and his job as a journalist. I love serious Jonah, probably more than I enjoy goofy Jonah.

There are shades of it in the first trilogy, especially the first film. When the Green Goblin grabs Jonah and demands to know who took the photographs of Spider-Man, Jonah, without hesitation, comes up with some lie about an unknown photographer (even though any newspaper in the country would give Peter a photo credit, that’s how newspapers work). But even with his own life on the line, in the hands of a maniac super-villain, Jameson protects Peter Parker. I love that scene, and I love that about Jonah. He may be a grouch, but he’s a man with conviction. So if he shows up in these new movies, he should still be a blowhard, but not such a cartoon character about it.

1. Black Cat romance

Just wait over there, Mary Jane

As much as the Peter/Gwen romance carried the first two films, Sony is going to need to inject some new romance into future installments. Peter Parker has a whole laundry list of love interests in the comics, so why not let a few more of them onto the screen? There’s no reason to jump directly to Mary Jane Watson. Why not let Peter fool around a little with a hot, sultry super thief who dresses in skintight black leather?

Sony has been trying to get the Black Cat into a Spider-Man movie for years, and for good reason: she’s a great visual and can be a really fun character. But I think she would be even better as the new love interest. Because the twist with the Black Cat is that she’s in love with Spider-Man, not Peter Parker. The Black Cat is a costumed thief who lives for adventure, and hooking up with the Amazing Spider-Man is definitely an adventure! She doesn’t care who he is behind the mask. He’s probably some dork. And Spidey, being a red-blooded male, is completely into the Black Cat, but eventually learns that he can’t exactly have a relationship with someone who doesn’t accept the Peter Parker half as well.

Nobody likes Peter Parker anyway

It’s a nice twice not he classic superhero love story: normally love interests have to learn to accept the superhero side of the character. With the Black Cat, she’d have to learn to accept the secret identity side of the character. It would be a fun twist on the standard trope, and upending viewer expectations always makes for good movies.

And Sony needs some good Spider-Man movies in the future…


What would you like to see in future Amazing Spider-Man movies? What good guys or bad guys should make an appearance? Any classic Spidey stories or costumes you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. joe mccormick

    I like your list, especially the bit about black cat and giving spidey some friends, Peter needs friends too, I get that he was a nerd in high school but now hes going to college and should make some new buds (more people to be put in danger).

    One thing I would like to add is Agent Venom in the future, I really like the character and maybe he can get his own movie, like a spy movie with superpowers, like Captain American:TWS but with spider powers!

    • Agent Venom would be pretty cool. Maybe a future sequel of the Venom spin-off films. Personally, I’d like them to do classic Venom for his first movie.

      • I don’t know if classic Venom really works anymore. I don’t think the costume should be an alien. I don’t think one of Parker’s co-workers would hate Peter enough to turn into a super villain. I think Electro suddenly hating Spider-Man was a little too hard to swallow. I don’t think classic Venom would work at all.

        But some scientist creating a sentient super suit and calling it Venom works just fine. Naturally he’d give that suit to the military who would make an Agent Venom type character. It doesn’t even have to be Flash. I’d be fine if whoever became Venom had no tie to Peter Parker at all. Makes the world bigger.

      • I think the continued reference to the spider ‘venom’ that Harry wanted to badly would be a good way to create Venom for this new franchise. I’m OK with Venom not being an alien. So maybe he’s another Oscorp project built out of the leftover spider venom that Harry injected into himself. But his host definitely needs a deeper motivation than just ‘we found a candidate’.

  2. I can’t decide if killing Gwen Stacy was a good idea or a bad idea. She was one of the best parts of the movies and losing her will naturally make it harder to enjoy the next movie. But on the other hand, it was such a classic and important scene in the comics, that seeing it “brought to life” so to speak, was really amazing.

    But on the other other hand we have the women in refrigerator problem. Just when you thought Gwen was an important dynamic character, it turned out her greatest contribution will be her dying and how that affects Spider-Man.

    But it is done, no changing that now. So the question is: where do we go from here? So with the issues dealing with Gwen Stacy in mind, here’s what I want: MJ has to be really important. I like Prowler as much as the next guy (well maybe not as much as you), but Spidey’s new super powered friend needs to be Mary Jane Watson. Mary Jane needs to be Firestar.

    First off, I don’t think anybody actually knows who owns the rights to Firestar. She was invented for the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon. So i think that gives Sony the best shot…as long as they don’t call her a mutant.

    Secondly, Gwen was about her impact on Spider-Man. So now we need to see Spider-Man’s impact on the world. MJ would be like little Jorge at the end of the film. Someone who rises to meet the example set by Spider-Man.

    Thirdly, Uncle Ben would matter again. Because now Peter Parker can share his wisdom with others struggling with power and responsibility. In a way, Peter failed Max and Harry. They got power and Peter wasn’t able to teach them about the responibility to use that power for good. maybe MJ can start as a villain using her powers for selfish ends…like most of us would probably do. Then they become unlikely friends with the hint of something more but Peter can’t get Gwen out of his head and knows MJ would be the rebound girl that she is in the comics.

    Fourthly, Maybe you do add Prowler. And maybe Prowler and MJ become a thing instead of MJ and Peter. I don’t care. The hardest part is to give the audience something they haven’t seen before but they still want to see.

    Fifthly, maybe make MJ not a ginger. Because if we had Spidey, Prowler, and MJ as a team, then it mirrors too closely with Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow.

    Sixthly, or we could do Andrew Garfield’s idea and make MJ a black man played by Michael B. Jordan. Then he could become Prowler or anybody really and all my above ideas still work great. Although the Firestar idea is out since he’s already playing Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four.

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